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Show 408 - All About Neutrals

Featuring: Alex Anderson

Posts On: April 13, 2009


Ricky had his turn and now we feature Alex Anderson. Discover the charm and elegance of quilts made exclusively with neutral fabrics from Alex, who's made all-neutral quilts for years, and has even written a book about them! Along the way, she shares bits and pieces of her quilting history, demonstrates the Daisy Chain block, reveals "What in the world is a crumb catcher?"... and shows you how to make one. Then follow along as TQS ventures beyond the La Veta studio to visit the quilters of the Mother's Guild of Boys Town in Omaha, NE.

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Alex Anderson (Alex Anderson Quilts)

From Chapter One:

Ricky talks to Alex about her quilt history.

From Chapter Two:

Alex teaches Ricky all about working with neutrals. Then, Alex gives a machine appliqué demo.

From Chapter Three:

Alex shares a tip for moving blocks from the design wall to your machine. Next, Alex provides more wonderful info on appliqué. After that Alex demos a "thread catcher."

From Chapter Four:

TQS visits the Mother’s Guild of Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. With our visit done, Alex then takes time to answer questions from the audience.

From The Afterset:

Alex talks about her time on Simply Quilts and moving from there to The Quilt Show.

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#1 Sewdreamy 2017-03-18 17:09
I have so enjoyed rewatching this wonderful show as my treat for International Quilting Day 2017. Thank you all for TQS. May it go on for many more years.
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