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Featuring: Elly Sienkiewicz

Posts On: February 16, 2009

Legendary Baltimore Album appliqué artist and historian Elly Sienkiewicz demonstrates how to add elegance to your quilted projects with decorative stem-stitch embroidery and crisp dogtooth borders. Follow along as she outlines the construction of a charming case for storing and transporting individual blocks. Learn how to care for your quilts and other heirlooms with Bunny Rose's suggestions from the TQS Treasure Chest. To complete the hour, Alex offers a lesson on using fabric selection to make your quilt come alive.

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Elly Sienkiewicz

Alex Anderson (Alex Anderson Quilts)

From Chapter One:

Alex and Bunny Rose open up the TQS Treasure Chest to find items that will help you care for your quilts and other heirlooms, including Vintage Textile Soak from The Star Spangled Co., a way to track your quilt with the help of Chipped Quilts, and a pillow case of Bunny's own design. Then, Alex teaches Ricky her tricks for winning fabric combinations.

From Chapter Two:

Elly Sienkiewicz joins Ricky and Alex and shares her quilts and the history of the Baltimore Album period.

From Chapter Three:

Elly shows Ricky how to make a dogtooth border.

From Chapter Four:

Elly continues to demonstrate techniques, including some different stitches, for Alex.


Elly shows off the quilt top she made with Susan Kurth for their quilt, Through Tufts of Broidered Flowers. We finish the day with Elly showing off by participating in TQS' Pirate Day.

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