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Show 313 - TQS Quilting Legend 2008

Featuring: Jinny Beyer

Posts On: December 22, 2008

Together we will celebrate the life and work of Jinny Beyer. Jinny has been on the quilting scene since the beginning of the Renaissance of quilting that we are enjoying today. Her books, fabrics and quilts reflect her tremendous talent. In addition, her generous spirit has opened the door to thousands of quilters over the decades. In this incredible Special Edition of The Quilt Show, we get to visit Jinny in her historic home and see how a true legend lives, works, and thinks! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity you do not want to miss. Sit back and enjoy this tribute to one of our most legendary quilters, Jinny Beyer.

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Jinny Beyer

From Chapter One:

Jinny Beyer, our TQS Quilt Legend for 2008, is in Great Falls, VA, and shares her quilt garden and personal history.

From Chapter Two:

Alex and Ricky visit Jinny Beyer Studio with Jinny and learn that it isn't so much a studio as it is her store.

From Chapter Three:

Ricky takes a tour of Jinny’s home. Then, Jinny talks about her personal design and color inspiration.

From Chapter Four:

Jinny explains her Portable Palette.

From Chapter Five:

Alex and Ricky enjoy Show and Tell with Jinny as she shares quilts.

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#4 bettyjanekrueger 2017-03-21 00:27
JInny is my Hero! She is an amazing woman and quilter.
#3 timdeb71 2016-06-27 17:05
I never felt I truly understood her methods until your program with Jinny. I see why she is a legend and I thank you for re-airing this show so I could see it. Color is so much clearer to me now!
#2 glenbaker 2016-03-21 12:14
She is truly inspirational and I loved the show. I had the pleasure (and good fortune) to travel to India with Jinny in 2014 and found her to be warm, gracious and generous as well as incredibly talented!.
#1 PieceBabe 2016-03-20 11:52
One of the best shows ever!!! I love this woman for her talents and heart felt emotions.
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