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Show 310 - Needlework at Its Finest

Featuring: Liuxin Newman

Posts On: November 10, 2008

Set aside some quality time to be amazed by the incredibly small and detailed handwork created by Australia's master appliqué artist Liuxin Newman. Known to the world as the Thimblelady, Liuxin teaches you needle turn circles the size of a pin head and.....well let's just say that the TQS audience and crew were on the edge of their seats. You won't want to miss this show. Ricky will also warm your heart with a flute piece from his Sacred Age CD.

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Links to Artists:

Liuxin Newman (Thimblelady)

Ricky Tims

From Chapter One:

Ricky demonstrates how to use Jackie Robinson's Animas Quilts Binding Miter Tool to make a mitered binding.

From Chapter Two:

Alex talks with Liuxin Newman, the Thimblelady, who wows the TQS audience as she demos various hand techniques.

From Chapter Three:

Alex and Ricky take a look at Liuxin's quilts and all the intricate details that they hold. Afterwards, Liuxin answers questions from the audience.

From Chapter Four:

Ricky performs Drum Circle on his flute from his Sacred Age CD.

After Set:

Liuxin talks about a wide range of topics with Alex and Ricky, including her quest for perfection, getting her start in sewing, and entering her first quilt show in America. Then, Liuxin surprises Alex and Ricky with some gifts.

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