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Show 303 - Fearless Fusing

Featuring: Laura Wasilowski

Posts On: August 4, 2008

Watch Laura Wasilowski, textile artist, teacher, fabric dyer and "Dean of Corrections at The Chicago School of Fusing" as she explores the endless possibilities with fusible appliqué quilts. Laura's whimsical style and keen sense of humor will have you sharpening your decorative blades in no time. Are you having trouble keeping your quilting projects organized? Let the TQS Treasure Chest discoveries help you to keep everything in its place. Also, Bob Purcell (Thread Guy) has a fun thread game to share with you.

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Laura Wasilowski (Artfabrik)

From Chapter One:

Ricky starts the show off by demoing a Convergence quilt using his trademark Caveman Piecing technique. Then, Bunny Rose stops by to help open up the TQS Treasure Chest to offer great products that every quilter needs, including:
  • Fabric Organizer II by DeNiece's Designs LLC (The Fabric Organizer)
  • The Block Box by The Block Box Company.
  • Krafter's Purse by Stone Creek Creations.

From Chapter Two:

Laura Wasilowski joins Alex and Ricky to share her story, talk about some of her quilts, and sing us a song.

From Chapter Three:

Alex and Ricky explain the importance of gaining distance from your design wall for perspective, and share some tips on how you can do it. After that, Laura demos some cutting and fusing techniques with Alex.

From Chapter Four:

Bob Purcell of Superior Threads demonstrates the Thread Chart and plays a fun thread game with Alex, Ricky and Laura. Laura then answers questions from the audience.

After Set:

Laura sings us off with another song, this time about her irons, and she and Bob share what's next on the horizon for them.

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