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Show 2705: Sujata Shah / Freddy Moran

Featuring: Sujata Shah / Freddy Moran

Posts On: August 23, 2020


Coming to you from the homes of Alex Anderson and Freddy Moran, it's The Quilt Show from home. Both of the guests for this show, Sujata Shah and Freddy Moran, have been inspired by color all of their lives. Sujata Shah was inspired by the colors of India when she began making free-form quilt blocks and Kawandi, a scrap quilt, as it would be made by the Siddi. Sujata demonstrates how to make these quilts using scraps of clothing and recycled fabrics and very few tools. She also walks through the process of creating free-from quilt blocks that have a handmade look and Modern feel.
Then, Alex surprises Freddy Moran with a cake for her 90th Birthday at Freddy's wonderful home. TQS then takes a look at Freddy’s house, which boasts 37 different colors and innumerable quilts and they walk through her fabulous garden at the top of a hill.

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Links to Artists:

Sujata Shah (The Root Connection)

Freddy Moran

From Chapter One:

Alex meets Sujata Shah and they talk about her growing up in India, how her quilts are influenced by the colors of India, and how it took a while for her to accept that she was a quilter, all while looking at her fabulous quilts.

From Chapter Two:

Sujata demonstrates how a Kawandi, which means quilt, is made by the Siddi.

From Chapter Three:

Sujata demonstrates free-from quilt blocks that she makes on a machine but have imperfections so that they look handmade.

From Chapter Four:

Alex then went and surprised Freddy Moran with a birthday cake for her 90th Birthday, July 13, 2020, and they toured her house and garden that are on the top of a hill with a gorgeous view.

After Set:

Sujata talks about her tours of India with Amy Butler, and how they came about after she ran into Amy at the Houston Quilt Festival.

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#31 SGraham 2020-11-08 06:22
Inspiring show!! Watching Sujata, I paused the show to email my dear friend from India who I’ve known for 22 years. I inspired her to start quilting, and now I wish she had inspired me to use the amazing colors of India in quilts. At 70 years younger I am now drawn to those colors for my quilts - no0 more quiet, reserved quilts for me! And yes I’m going to make at least 1 face quilt, but probably more. Thank you!!!
#30 Mego Williams 2020-09-11 21:51
Thank you so much for providing this for us to watch. I have known Sujata since she lived in Seattle and she is always an inspiration in her art, her life, her outlook. And then Freddy!!! Oh my. I want to know her, visit her, BE her. This was wonderful!
#29 Sally LangstonWarren 2020-09-05 12:33
I enjoyed so much the segments on Sujata Shah and Freddy Moran. I learned many new things to try from Sujata. I have her book and consider it to be a standard/classi c in my quilting library. It’s packed with inspiration and lessons. I watched the segment with Freddy with tears in my eyes the whole time. Isn’t she just wonderful?? What a treasure to us and to her family too! I am now 60 and anxious for my children to finish college and be on their own so I can move to the next stage in my life which will be centered on quilts. Thank you so much for these wonderful stories. I have always enjoyed Alex’s shows.....since way back when they were on regular tv!
#28 rbanker76 2020-09-05 06:03
It is so important, especially in these times, for us to embrace different cultures and learn more about them. No matter what quilting brings us all together. This was a wonderful show. Thank you and please, feel free to show more like this!!
#27 rloyd 2020-09-04 16:53
3:21 puzzle time
#26 MSHendel 2020-09-02 07:33
So enjoyed this show! I've ordered Sujata's book and started a small Kawandi quilt (placemat). I am finding the handwork hard on the wrist so will be experimenting doing the sewing on machine w 12wt thread- rewatched Susan Cleveland for ideas. TQS is my life-line right now as I'm not able to be with my Quilty friends in person. bi-weekly visits with Alex are the best- I laugh out loud so much. THANK YOU!!!!
#25 Cindy K 2020-08-30 09:38
Loved this show! Sujata is a so talented. Have had her book for a few years and this show has inspired me to use it. And Freddie has always been a talent I have admired. What a great duo for a perfect show!
#24 CathyFussell 2020-08-30 04:20
I totally enjoyed every second of this show.
#23 Deborahcmoi 2020-08-27 13:49
bonjour from france. I fell in love with sujata's kawandi quilt. Is there a tutorial or howto sheet or ebook?

I understand you use left over fabrics. first the backing determines the size. then layer the batting. I do not understand how to do the piecing on top.
I really appreciate the corner piece.

Please help ... thank you all. Deborah
#22 Ireland 2020-08-27 11:57
lso thanks to Sujata Shah, I was inspired by her origional approach to Quilting, you can tell that she really enjoys her work, Thank you so much for introducing us to these talented women.
Linda Jo
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