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Show 2702: Appliqué Masterclass 2

Featuring: Rosa Rojas / Sue Garman / Sue Nickels / Liuxin Newman / Ricky Tims

Posts On: July 12, 2020


In TQS' second Appliqué Masterclass, Rosa Rojas and Sue Garman share tips and tricks on prepping your appliqué, making perfect circles and making stems with bias bars. Sue Nickels teaches her method of designing an appliqué border based on an antique quilt from the 1800s.

Then Liuxin Newman will astound you with her needleturn method of making super tiny dots, micro lines, and her ‘Chinese weaver stitch’ which results in very sharp points.

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Links to Artists:

Rosa Rojas (Apliquick)

Sue Garman (Come Quilt)

Sue Nickels

Liuxin Newman (Thimblelady)

Ricky Tims

From Chapter One:

Rosa Rojas talks with Ricky about the Apliquick tools and how they act as an extension of your hands. She demonstrates how to use the tools. Then Rosa shows Alex how easy it is to fix a small circle on your quilt using the Apliquick tools.

From Chapter Two:

Sue Garman talks about some of her signature appliqué tricks, including how to do stems, circles, and bias bars pre-work with Alex.

From Chapter Three:

Sue Nickels explains to Ricky how she uses her old 1800 patterns for inspiration when designing flower garden appliqué borders for her quilts.

From Chapter Four:

Liuxin Newman shows Alex how to do needle turn micro lines, sharp points, and how to make the tiniest of dots in your appliqué work. TQS finishes its second Appliqué Masterclass with Ricky showing how to do a double blanket stitch on a rhapsody quilt.

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#2 Kareness 2020-07-14 20:56
these shows on applique are so instructive. (I sure wish I'd seen them before I did my applique for the Sequoia Scrap Quilt!) :-) Thanks for sharing.
#1 Abhaquilter 2020-07-12 14:56
Well done A&R! Masterclass 2 features a set of show segments that "talked me into" signing up for a TQS membership. In addition to imparting great applique techniques, what I really appreciated about these shows is how they help to highlight the reality that we are a global community of quilters. At the top of my TQS wish list is a deep, deep dive into Rosa's approach to doing Hawaiian quilt as she did in her segment with Alex with the red fabric.
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