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Show 2608: Violet Craft - Abstractions / Kathy Deggendorfer - Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Featuring: Violet Craft / Kathy Deggendorfer

Posts On: April 5, 2020


Violet Craft shares her “Abstractions” series of quilts and the stories behind them. She then demonstrates her method for using Foundation Paper Piecing to make her fabulous designs. Violet also shares her technique for pieced hexagons and designs with unusual shapes that are pieced the same way. And finally, TQS visits with local Sisters artist Kathy Deggendorfer to talk all things quilting going on in her life.

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Violet Craft

Kathy Deggendorfer

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky meet Violet Craft and view her quilts, including her "Abstractions" series.

From Chapter Two:

Violet shares her method for foundation paper piecing with Ricky, starting with large scale pieces and a map for creating the components.

From Chapter Three:

Violet shows Alex different variations on hexagons using English Paper Piecing.

From Chapter Four:

TQS visits with local Sisters artist Kathy Deggendorfer, who talks about being a poster artist for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, her fabric she has designed for Maywood Studios, and wrapping her car in her own "Bevy of Roses" fabric line.

After Set:

Alex and Ricky talk with Kathy about Craft Pour House, the tap room she owns with her husband in Beaverton, OR.

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#4 sarah21 2020-05-17 02:24
I loved Violet's Lion quilt the moment I saw it at market show many years ago, but never sadly got around to making it! While watching Today's show it reminded me how slack I have been & how regretful I have become with not learning more about Violet's wonderful wealth of knowledge and skill! Actually, I think Violet's show was is pretty fantastic and I need to learn more about her and her work whilst still in lock down at home.
#3 bluenote 2020-04-21 13:55
I made the horse quilt back in January using low volume pinks and the browns for the horse. It is stunning! It’s a gift for my horse obsessed young great niece. Still at the long-armer. Can’t wait to see it all quilted.
Love the Susters pattern. I have stayed at The 5 Pines Lodge on one of my visits to Sisters. Beautiful!
Violet’s patterns are wonderful. Very exacting and detailed. She does a great job.
#2 lulumoon 2020-04-09 15:30
WOO HOO! I love that you did this whole episode from our beloved Sisters, Oregon with two Oregon artists! Oregon Pride - we love you Violet Craft and Kathy Deggendorfer!!!
#1 ntaydvm2 2020-04-06 22:17
Why cant you set this up to cast this to my tv from my phone?
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