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Show 2606: Kim Lacy - Inspired by Nature / Ricky Tims - Trapunto

Featuring: Kim Lacy / Ricky Tims

Posts On: March 8, 2020


Self-taught quilt artist Kim Lacy stops by the show to demonstrate the secret to getting great texture in your quilts and an excellent way for doing a painted mosaic technique. Also, Ricky shares with us his love of Trapunto and takes it to a new level with “Thread Crusted Trapunto”.

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Kim Lacy

Kim Lacy's Etsy Shop (kimlacyfiberarts)

From Chapter One:

Ricky demonstrates “thread crusted Trapunto”.

From Chapter Two:

Alex and Ricky meet Kim Lacy and review her quilts and her motivation behind making them.

From Chapter Three:

Kim shows how she uses Chizimi Shrinking Thread, her secret ingredient, to create texture on the subject and background fabric of her quilts.

From Chapter Four:

Kim demonstrates her painted mosaic technique.

After Set:

Kim shares the story behind the Antelope Canyon Quilt, AKA the I Hate David quilt.

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#7 Pemela 2020-05-04 15:24
Such an inspirational, uplifting show, one that I will watch again (and again). Thank you Kim and all at TQS
#6 Sandi1962 2020-03-18 09:57
the thread is sold out EVERYWHERE!!
#5 vintagelady 2020-03-16 12:03
This was best show ever. I got my thread and fantastix applicators. Had paints what fun, I did a fish, love the effect it gives. Working a book for great grandson with turtles and tractors. Thanks for opening our world to new techniques.
#4 campbes 2020-03-15 19:56
I just watched this show. Kim Lacy is a great teacher and her quilts, especially the Antelope Canyon Quilt, are stunning. Her use of chizimi thread and the effects it produces are fascinating. I hope that you have her back some time to demonstrate whatever are her latest themes and techniques. I have a feeling the innovation will just continue.
#3 dpointer 2020-03-15 13:53
You can use chizimi and mosaic painting on just about any kind of fabric.
#2 Loralye2 2020-03-13 00:56
Another great show. Having painted and trapunto on almost every art piece I do, I can’t wait to try this technique. This looks like a great way to cover up and use up ugly fabric you have in your stash. By the time you paint it and quilt it, it is almost unrecognizable or it could be. Can’t wait to experiment.
#1 soardkg 2020-03-10 16:37
Beautiful quilts by Kim. Can you use this technique on batiks or quilting cottons, or is silk necessary?
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