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Show 2604: Debbie Grifka - Modern Quilts / Cheryl Phillips - Circles

Featuring: Debbie Grifka / Cheryl Phillips

Posts On: February 9, 2020


In this show Debbie Grifka shares her minimalist approach to creating Modern quilts. Often inspired by photographs, she walks through the basics of creating a quilt based on a photo fo the Canterbury Cloisters. Debbie also discusses her 100-day project and several ways to make bias tape for your quilts.

Cheryl Phillips loves circles and shows Alex and Ricky a simple process for working with circles by using her Cut a Round tool.

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Debbie Grifka

Cheryl Phillips

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky sit down with Debbie Grifka, who talks about her quilting journey, how she challenges herself in her work, and her love of minimalism. They also take a look at some of her quilts.

From Chapter Two:

Debbie shares tips for going in a new direction with your art by telling us about her 100-day project.

From Chapter Three:

Debbie often finds inspiration for quilts from her travel photographs. Here she walks us through the basics of going from a photo of the Canterbury Cloisters to a quilt.

From Chapter Four:

Cheryl Phillips loves circles and wants to make the process simpler for others by designing tools. Cheryl shares some quilt examples and we take a look at her new Cut A Round Tool.

After Set:

Debbie talks about how she has embraced minimalism in her wardrobe and at home.

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#2 mkdquilts 2020-08-02 13:12
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#1 quiltingkitty98 2020-04-28 15:00
I am only able to view the trailer I would like to see the whole show Help
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