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Show 2602: Alethea Ballard - Collage Quilts / Tami Pfeil - Floor Canvas

Featuring: Alethea Ballard / Tami Pfeil

Posts On: January 12, 2020


The Quilt Show welcomes Alethea Ballard, a middle school teacher for 16 years, but one who doesn’t like to play by the rules when it comes to her art. Alethea shares her collage techniques for large scale prints to help tell a story in her work. She also has a great technique for finishing and hanging her completed pieces.

Then Tami Pfeil comes back to TQS to talk about floor canvases, and shares examples of fast, easy, and striking designs, while also providing some sewing tips.

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Alethea Ballard

Tami Pfeil

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky are introduced to and learn about the life of Alethea Ballard and take a look at her quilts as she talks a bit about her process and the story of each quilt.

From Chapter Two:

Inspired by her collection of paper wreaths and Mexican tin art, Alethea began building collage wreaths using fabric motifs. Here she shares examples of finished pieces before focusing on the process of building a piece.

From Chapter Three:

Alethea says to "work to your strengths." She can’t sew a perfect ¼” seam but loves the freedom a longarm gives her to draw with a needle. She shows a technique for finishing using black batting as the backing.

From Chapter Four:

Tami Pfeil comes back to The Quilt Show to talk about floor canvases, and shares examples of fast, easy and striking designs. Tami also provides some sewing tips, which she says are just as easy as making a traditional quilt.

After Set:

Alethea has always wanted to challenge herself by learning an instrument. She’s been studying and playing the accordion for three years and performs a Waltz for Alex and Ricky.

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#3 Pemela 2020-01-27 15:23
What a magical joyful show, I loved it. Althea is a delight with an incredible imagination. Thank you TQS
#2 IreneM 2020-01-18 01:45
What an absolute delight to watch Alethea create.She possesses an incredible imagination. I learned quite a bit during this show about collage quilting that I never thought about before. It's seems so much more freeing to me now. I also enjoyed the beautiful song she played for us.Thank you very much.
#1 TerreK 2020-01-14 11:27
Thank you SO much for this show! I've been doing collage quilting for so long and needed some more encouragement. Using all these tiny prints is new to me. I love florals but the relationship of things to people or people to animals really inspired me! Love this whole show! Thank you!
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