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Show 2512: Sheila Christensen / Tami Pfeil

Featuring: Sheila Christensen / Tami Pfeil

Posts On: December 1, 2019


TQS gets another visit from "Down Under" as New Zealand quilter Sheila Christensen stops by. On this show, Sheila offers up fun and exciting ways to utilize the versatility of the triangle with her triangle patchwork technique. From there, Sheila uses these techniques to show how to create a Star Tip block involving triangles in a row by row assembly method.

We end the show with a fashion free-for-all as Tami Pfeil visits to demonstrate all the different types of apparel and accessories you can make out of unusual fabric, culminating in an audience member fashion show.

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Sheila Christensen

Tami Pfeil

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky are introducted to New Zealand quilter Sheila Christensen. Originally from England, Sheila talks about the large and active quilting scene present in New Zealand and how she moved to the country after seeing a coffee table book about it. Shelia shares her quilts with Alex and Ricky, and how she is primarily known for mystery quilts, along with her love of taking classes and being inspired to learn new techniques.

From Chapter Two:

Shelia shows off her triangle patchwork technique with tips and tricks on how she utilizes the versatility of triangles in her pattterns.

From Chapter Three:

Sheila then offers up how to make a Star Tip block by fussy cutting a hexagon that is then pieced into a triangle in a row by row assembly method.

From Chapter Four:

Tami Pfeil stops by at the end of the show to suggest different ways of working with unsual fabric. She shares lots of "out of the box" options for making apparel, such as ponchos, jackets, and dresses, and gift ideas like pillows, tote bags, and fabric buckets. We end with a fashion show where members of the audience model these various garments and accessories.

After Set:

Sheila talks about life in New Zealand and how the Mauri culture has infused with that of the Europeans. She also mentions how she had a Maori “Hakka” ceremony during her wedding.

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#1 sarah21 2020-01-01 08:28
Wow, what a fantastic show! I loved the triangles and how they all looked and also the straight seam sewing even more superb! I also want to make Sheila's Mystery Quilt using Tuala Fabrics it is perfect. A new quilt for the new year. Wonderful. Thank you TQS for the show.
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