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Show 2405: Barbara Black / Bill Volckening

Featuring: Barbara Black / Bill Volckening

Posts On: February 24, 2019


Alex and Ricky talk to Barbara Black, who has worked in the educational office at the Houston Quilt Festival for 20 years. She began quilting in 1985 and decided she needed to up her game when she discovered TQS BOM designs by Sue Garman. She obviously achieved her goal when her quilt, Red & White by The Numbers, was selected as the 40th Anniversary quilt for Quilts Inc. Overnight, she and her quilt became famous.

Barbara shares her thoughts on three things you do wrong in quilting...cut, piece, and press. She has tips to address these three problems.

Then, Barbara gives you more tips to achieve beautiful binding. She teaches you how to calculate the amount of fabric you need, how to prep the quilt, and how to add a sleeve during the binding process.

Up next is Bill Volckening and his elegant antique quilts. Bill has over 500 quilts in his collection that cover the years 1750-2008. He then shares elegant quilts that debunk the myth that quilts in America were only made from scraps as utilitarian.

We wrap the show with Barbara talking about her Sunday sewing group, the Sew and Sews, who gather to work on TQS BOMs. She also talks about her home studio.

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Barbara Black

Click here for Barbara's "Quilter's Math" pdf file.

Bill Volckening

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky sit down with Barbara Black and learn about her work with the Houston International Quilt Festival, how she decided to become a better quilter, and her very famous quilt.

From Chapter Two:

Barbara said that quilter’s only do three things wrong (Cut, Piece, Press). She has tips to address these three problems.

From Chapter Three:

Barbara gives you tips for creating a beautiful binding, including calculating the amount of fabric needed, prepping the quilt, and adding the hanging sleeve during the binding attachment process.

From Chapter Four:

Alex and Ricky talk to collector Bill Volckening about his collection of elegant quilts. He shares a few from his collection dating from 1760.

After Set:

Barbara talks about starting a sewing group called the Sunday Sew and Sews in 2016. This group gathered to work on and test the TQS BOM and still do it today. She also discuss the home studio that she designed.

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#9 kemopuzzle 2019-04-01 11:46
Measuring from a seam to trim the quilt square is brilliant. I can't wait to try that. I think it will make things much easier.
#8 janee 2019-03-05 17:49
Loved this show! Barbara is truly a master. After struggling with joining bindings for 20+ years, I used Barbara’s binding joining technique and it worked perfectly. Thank you
#7 littlestitches 2019-03-05 14:41
I loved the show with Barbara Black but she talks to fast and I couldnt understand what she was saying had to re wind it.
#6 ctdldd 2019-03-01 20:21
Enjoyed the show very much. But, Barbara talks so
fast, I had problems following her. Maybe it's because
I'm from the South.
#5 tamaffitt 2019-02-24 17:54
Enjoyed this show and all of the tips. Now I need to go back to hear the name of Barbara’s blog (at a slower speed, lol)
#4 luvquilting 2019-02-24 14:51
Loved this show....I also follow Barbara's blog and have been looking forward to seeing it. The interactions with Alex and Ricky showed a lot of mutual respect...great basic information we can all use!
#3 karonray 2019-02-24 11:52
Please, Please, PLEASE learn the difference between press and iron. ]As soon as you move your iron on the fabric you are not pressing. Pressing is an up and down process.

Enjoyed the show.
#2 jmhall55 2019-02-24 10:22
Thank you for this show.
I enjoyed seeing all the tips and quilts. I follow Barbara's blog and love her common sense approach to piecing. I too feel a part of the TQS Family!
Happy Stitching, Jeanne in PA
#1 GeneBlack 2019-02-24 09:51
When Bill V, mentions the "myth" about the origins of quilt making in America, he says "the early examples that still exist." We must also consider that the early quilts made with repurposed fabrics would have naturally worn out before those made with new fabrics. Without true historical proof, we are still left with uncertainty as to which was first.
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