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Show 2311: Libby Williamson / Carolyn Hock - Fun with Mixed Media Collage and Quilting Inspiration

Featuring: Libby Williamson / Carolyn Hock

Posts On: November 18, 2018


Alex and Ricky welcome mixed media artist Libby Williamson to discover how the humble tea bag can be used to create charming, whimsical, and outstanding textile art. Libby’s tips of adding paint, thread sketching, hand embroidery and bits of fabric to build unique and one of a kind collage art quilts, will have you looking at tea bags in a whole new way.

Then it is TQS member Carolyn Hock's turn to share her ideas for developing your own quilting designs based on travel photos. The ideas are brewing, so grab yourself a “cuppa” and join in the fun.

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Libby Williamson

Carolyn Hock

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky sit down with Libby and learn about her love for mixed media fiber art. They take a look at her quilts.

From Chapter Two:

Libby demonstrates the basic elements of working with tea bags, including coloration, removing the tea, and stabilizing the media. Also how to play with the elements to create your design.

From Chapter Three:

Libby shares a technique for creating a floral collage using scraps of fabric, lace, vintage hankies. and decorative stitching.

From Chapter Four:

Carolyn Hock share ideas for developing quilting designs based on photographs from her trip to Thailand and Vietnam.

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#7 EditorAnne 2018-12-04 05:13
Oh, dear. I hope Bernina is still sponsoring TQS! Although there were no ads, there was a Q20 on the set, so I take that as a good sign.
#6 FiberontheMt 2018-11-27 20:12
So if there are no Bernina ads does that mean that Bernina is no longer sponsoring the show?

This and all the other shows are great. Great to be exposed to different artists and ideas...a nice blend of art and traditional quilts. Thank you for all you do!
#5 NanaPie 2018-11-23 16:26
I always enjoy shows showing new techniques and this one makes me look at tea bags through new eyes! I also want to say that I ALWAYS enjoy Carolyn Hock. Her enthusiasm and brilliant smile always delight me. Keep her coming back to us!
#4 NuttyKin 2018-11-23 09:30
It’s really nice to have the Bernita commercials gone! Thank you!
#3 quiltmistress 2018-11-23 07:27
Loved the show. Does Libby divide the tea bag into two pieces after emptying the tea or uses it as a single piece? If she does use it as a whole do you need to fuse it to itself and then to the foundation fabric?
#2 Kekaha 2018-11-18 18:20
Yep— no ads— I have them memorized because Bernina hasn’t made new ads in at least five years— even though they’ve changed some of their machines.
#1 POLLYSPOCKETS 2018-11-18 15:25
Whaaat??? No Bernina commercials! Enjoyed the show
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