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Show 2307: Paula Doyle / Lea McComas - Easy Stack Quilts & Solving Color Snags

Featuring: Paula Doyle / Lea McComas

Posts On: September 23, 2018


Join us as Paula Doyle shows you how easy it is to create beautiful and complex designs using one large-scale print fabric. It’s a stack, pin, cut, and off-to-sew method that leaves zero waste. Don’t believe it’s possible? We didn’t either… until we saw it demonstrated. Then, Lea McComas unlocks the secret to making fabric color choices work nicely together. This fast and simple method saves you hours of frustration before you make that first cut into your fabric.

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Links to Artists:

Paula Doyle

Mini-Mosaic Quilts by Paula Doyle, C&T Publishing

Easy Stack Quilts by Paula Doyle, C&T Publishing

Lea McComas

From Chapter One:

Building an easy stack quilt with large roller printed fabric means more bang for your buck when it comes to cutting out repeats. Paula shares tips for selecting the right types of prints and how precisely printed fabrics allow you to cut, stack, and recut fabric with perfect results, every time.

From Chapter Two:

Paula sits down with Alex and Ricky and talks about creating simple blocks that look complex by letting the fabric do the work. She also talks about working with fabric designer Amelia Caruso.

Paula also shares photos from the Magna Carta Quilt project that she was asked to work on. It was a double-sided 4-panel multi-artist quilt project that celebrated the 800-year anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

From Chapter Three:

Paula shows you how to use up those leftover scraps by creating new and exciting blocks. This means you have absolutely no waste of fabric and more than one project to show for it. She builds several blocks using scraps from a border print.

From Chapter Four:

Alex and Ricky look at Lea McComas' most recent work. Lea then shares a fun and easy technique using a color wheel, buttons, and an orphan silk quilt block to help you select fabric colors for a project that work and play well together to create more harmonious results.

After Set:

Paula shares more about the Magna Carta quilt project. Having outgrown her home studio, Paula decided it was time to set up in a custom she-shed in the back yard. With three glass sides, she is able to view the Thames river from her studio. She shares photos.

Products and Artists Mentioned:

Magna Carta Quilt Project
Amelia Caruso’s Effervescence for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

June Tailor® Cutting Mats & Pressing Boards

Color's Greatest Hits: A Creative Color Tool by Katie Fowler

#11 mickeybr 2019-06-11 22:39
What about the cute bag next to the machine
#10 speedy.gonzales 2018-10-02 18:25
I enjoyed this show so much. Both ladies are very talented. I was inspired to buy Paula's book and am having such a good time working on this stack quilt. And the fact that I can use up the leftovers is wonderful. Love this method. Thank you.
#9 mayanna31 2018-09-26 18:07
what a great show!! I'll have to re-watch this and take notes because this is great info :)
#8 MarieHMisgen 2018-09-25 17:54
What fun!! I too have had a stack quilt on my To Make list for years.... this is the Year!!!
Thank you for such inspiring shows!!
#7 Cazollie 2018-09-24 20:51
couldn't find the link to the skype session with Paula, I was hoping you could share the link . please?? Her work is really wonderful and I would like to see more of her amazing work!
#6 GrannyD11 2018-09-24 14:06
Mind Blowing! Paula's techniques are inspirational. The fact that there are even more makes me want to buy her book and increase my repertoire. Putting those together with Lea's color visions would be fantastic!
#5 riversidequilter 2018-09-24 13:55
I can’t tell you how much fun I had on filming of this episode ! Ricky and Alex are fantastic hosts, and the entire production team is totally awesome. I also got to meet some of the other guests, and look forward to meeting up with all of them again soon. The Quilt Show rocks ! Woohoo !
#4 Sandra04 2018-09-24 10:08
Incredible show! Love Paula's and Lea's techniques and quilts. Amelia Caruso's Effervescence fabric is gorgeous.
#3 happyhare 2018-09-23 22:20
I have been wanting to make a quilt using this technique for some time now. In fact for 2 years. I saw one at Carolina Charm Retreat. Already checked my stash and have my fabric picked out. Paula seems a lot of fun. Loved her nature quilt. Also liked the new way to look at colors. Thanks for this show. Caruso's fabric is great too.I see it can still be ordered.
#2 Ferne 2018-09-23 21:23
This was a really great episode. Paula seems to be such a kind and talented soul. Lea is also just as amazing. Thanks for sharing such talents with us quilters!
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