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Show 2305: Patty Murphy / Julie Silber - Solving Piecing Problems & Deciphering Antique Crib Quilts

Featuring: Patty Murphy / Julie Silber

Posts On: August 26, 2018


As a quilt teacher and designer, Patty Murphy has heard the frustration of quilters who struggled to ‘get it right’ when it came to their patchwork. Patty loves a sharp point and perfectly pieced block and wants to help others get off on the right foot to quilting success. She shares a wide range of techniques for improving your cutting and piecing skills, cutting off minor imperfections at the pass, as well as clever ideas for combining orphan blocks into fun and colorful quilts.

Then quilt historian, curator, and quilt broker, Julie Silber reveals the secrets to deciphering a true antique crib or doll quilt vs. an imposter. These rare, made with love, little beauties are sure to charm you.

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Patty Murphy

Julie Silber

From Chapter One:

Patty sits down with Alex and Ricky. She tells them she learned to sew from her mother who always said that it was important to remember that ‘Handmade vs. Homemade = get it right’. She has taken that practice of precision and ‘getting it right’ to heart. While working in her local quilt shop, she noticed that many quilters were frustrated by many of the same problems (points not matching, wavy strata, etc.) so, she decided to write a book to aid quilters.  We look at her quilts.

From Chapter Two:

Patty shares tips for understanding the grain and how much this affects your strip cutting results. Then she shares tips for working with half-square triangles and quarter-square triangles.

From Chapter Three:

Patty discusses proper vs improper pressing, proper seam ripping technique, how to use "coping" strips when joining blocks of various size, and how to use orphan blocks to make a fun and colorful quilt.

From Chapter Four:

Julie shares the clues for understanding a true vs. fake crib quilt.  We look at a variety of little quilts including 1910 Sunbonnet Sue.

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#6 zazmau 2020-02-03 23:21
Lining up fabric with the fold does not guarantee it is on grain. You need to pull a thread across from selvage to selvege, then cut along the line it makes. You may still need to pull/stretch diagonally to get it on the true grain.
#5 TLWQUILTS4U 2018-09-05 16:23
Awesome tips! I'm a new star member and this was my first show to watch! I loved it!!!
#4 lulumoon 2018-08-30 17:24
Thanks to Patty for those "just in time" tips! And I always love seeing what Julie Silber brings! So much to learn from the history of quilts!
#3 jdaquilter 2018-08-26 20:28
Great shows and what a ton of information from Patty...I have ordered her book also. Never too old to correct mistakes and learn to do it right the first time. And what fabulous doll/crib quilts. I did doll quilts with my grandma and wish I still had them..but they were loved and used a lot! Thanks for this great show!
#2 Sewdreamy 2018-08-26 11:59
Great segment! I really loved it when Patty did not identify herself as a particular style of quilter and Ricky and Alex decided that we are "quilters".
#1 hopeyoder 2018-08-26 07:59
Great segment. Ordering your book. Thanks for the attention to detail and sharing with us.
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