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Show 2304: Ebony Love / Julie Silber - Fast, Efficient, Die Cutting & Antique Signed Quilts

Featuring: Ebony Love / Julie Silber

Posts On: August 12, 2018


Fabric Die Cutting Expert Ebony Love’s dream came true when she discovered that using a die cutting system would make cutting more efficient and time saving for quilters like herself. Along with clever ideas for prepping your die, she shares tricks for reducing fabric waste, assembly line cutting, and dynamic variations that take one block from nice to wow!

Then quilt historian, curator, and quilt broker, Julie Silber, joins Alex and Ricky to teach the importance of signing a quilt for future generations. Many of the antique quilts Julie has acquired over the years came with no information about the maker or why it was made. You don’t want to miss this fun and information packed show.

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Ebony Love (Love Bug Studios)

Julie Silber

From Chapter One:

Ebony has always loved crafting, but was searching for a way to speed up the process. It was when she discovered the die cutting system that a whole world of possibilities opened up. She joins Alex and Ricky and they take a look at her quilts.

From Chapter Two:

As an engineer, Ebony is always looking for ways to make cutting more efficient and time saving for quilters. She shares tips for prepping the die and how to avoid fabric waste. Then it’s on to cutting and making the Orange Pell appliqué in three different ways.

From Chapter Three:

The Key West block is fast and fun, but requires a lot of triangles. Ebony shares tips for reducing waste while assembly line cutting and sewing the block. Then she shares ideas for variations that take the blocks from nice to wow!

From Chapter Four:

Julie Silber shares the importance of signing a quilt as a way to learn about the maker of a quilt. We look at various and interesting ways quilt makers have signed quilts from her collection of antique pieces. Julie also has ideas for today’s quilter to keep her/his information together with the quilt itself.

After Set:

While studying for her engineering degree, Ebony joined a band as the lead singer. Late night gigs could be draining, so the drummer used to keep her going with Twinkies. We listen to one of her original songs.

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#7 hopeyoder 2018-08-22 05:00
Hi Ebony, Hope Yoder here. I love watching your show. Great tips! Especially LOVE the silver marker on your dies and writing the measurement of fabric strips to precut. Now off I go to mark my dies!
#6 TrueColors 2018-08-20 11:22
I just found the link - click on Ernest Haight under the Products Mentioned Link". It is under the Classroom section listed in March 2014.
#5 TrueColors 2018-08-20 11:16
First I would like to add that Ebony Love is a very talented artist/instruct or/quilter. If you can, take a class from her, you will learn a lot. Second, at one time, the Quilt Show had a series about Ernest B Haight. I tried to find it, but could not. Maybe they could put it back on. I was amazed how he used strip piecing, and sewed block pieces continuous without breaking thread as I thought these were newer techniques. He was into accurate shapes and cutting. Very interesting life story about him.
#4 Cathyluff 2018-08-19 09:17
I think Ebony Love’s use of isosceles triangles is brilliant, and was so glad to be exposed to her work on TQS. However, I was disappointed by the disrespectful way Ricky kept making fun and interrupting Ebony’s planned presentation. Isosceles is only funny one time. Ebony is an artist, and had much to share. So often, the hosts need to stop interrupting and pay attention to the presentation. I suspect I could have learned more from Ebony, who appeared to have a series of examples to explain, if Ricky had not peppered her with unnecessary distracting remarks and had instead treated her with the respect she deserved.
#3 TATA2013 2018-08-15 07:30
Wow! Just learning to use my die cutter and I see the possibilities are endless. Ebony never mentioned the length and width of her stitch while blind hemming her appliqué shapes. Would she share that with us?
#2 highplainsquilter 2018-08-13 10:45
Great show! I've been following Ebony's tips ever since I began using Accuquilt dies in 2011. Interesting tie-in... When I was attending an Accuquilt retreat we took a bus trip to Lincoln and saw Ernest B Haight's exhibit at the International Quilt Study/Museum.
#1 GeneBlack 2018-08-12 08:10
I really enjoyed this show. I have known Ebony for many years and am happy to call her my friend. I was, however, surprised to find out that she was the lead singer in a band.
Ebony, if you read this, Way to go!
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