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Show 2301: Mark Sherman / Ricky Tims - Luminous Stained Glass Quilts

Featuring: Mark Sherman

Posts On: July 1, 2018


Series 2300 begins with a burst of color and personality as Renaissance man, Mark Sherman, unlocks the secrets for creating truly unbelievable Tiffany style stained glass quilts based on inspirational photos, hand-dyed fabric, and his deft touch at realism. With effervescent personality and humor, Mark shares tips and tricks, so that you too can stitch up your own stained glass masterpiece. And if that weren’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, Ricky designs a stunning contemporary quilt based on an antique string pieced tumbler design. It’s a double dose of fun and inspiration in one show. Don’t miss it!

Click here to download Ricky's Tumbler Block pattern.

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Mark Sherman

From Chapter One:

Julie Silber showed Ricky an antique quilt featuring a string pieced tumbler block. He loved the design and was inspired to create a contemporary version. He demonstrates quick piecing the strips, piecing the blocks, and quilt assembly.

From Chapter Two:

Alex and Ricky greet Mark and discuss some of his earlier careers and how is mother introduced him to quilting. They take a look at his quilts.

From Chapter Three:

Having created and lived with stained glass in his home, Mark developed an understanding for translating the glass medium to fabric. He shares tips for creating a composition based on a photograph of grapes.

From Chapter Four:

Mark shares his technique for letting the fabric do the work when it comes to mimicking light/dark/colors to those found in the original photograph inspiration.He also shares tips for quilting and blocking the quilt.

After Set:

At one time, Mark was a collector of rare peacocks. He shares a funny story of searching the neighborhood in his bathrobe one morning after discovering that the peacocks had escaped.

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#10 quiltingmidwife 2018-10-19 23:44
Where is the string quilt pattern that Ricky refers to?
#9 Mom2Caleigh 2018-08-27 14:40
I love your "Ziggy" "zaggy" wording!! Seriously though I love your teaching!
#8 GailT. 2018-07-11 07:18
Ditto on the stabilizer evasion.
#7 Roseamongthorns 2018-07-07 20:26
Nice show, but what's going on with the subtitles? This is like watching a Godzilla movie back in the day. Please try to synchronize. The city is spelled Boca Raton (not Ratone). Thanks
#6 oitsewkay 2018-07-05 15:07
A lady in the audience asked Mark HOW to use his product, and he totally avoided answering her question! All he did was repeat what he had already told us regarding how he developed the product. What gives? If he is interested in selling his product, then he needs to tell us how to use it.
#5 Happy quilter 2018-07-04 07:45
Mark's quilts are stunning but would have been nice to have seen how he uses his stabilizer rather than just explaining what the product is.
#4 Janice friel 2018-07-04 06:40
Where do I get Ricky's pattern?
#3 Brenda 2018-07-03 16:10
Love Ricky's string antique quilt. I was looking for the template. Awesome.
#2 pluff 2018-07-02 11:18
Quoting Decoup:
Where do I get the templates for Ricky's antique string quilt? Thank you

:o I want to know too!
#1 Decoup 2018-07-01 09:27
Where do I get the templates for Ricky's antique string quilt? Thank you
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