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Show 2213: Ann Shaw / Anna Bates - Amish Remix and Quilting On The Road

Featuring: Ann Shaw / Anna Bates

Posts On: June 17, 2018


Ann Shaw loves taking a line to see how it can affect a quilt design in abstract and modern quilts. Using traditional Amish quilts as inspiration; Ann pares down the piecing lines using her new gesture process. To shake things up even more, Ann pares down the Courthouse Steps block to it most minimal, or remixed version.
Then the effervescent quilt blogger Anna Bates, makes a stop on her road trip to join us in the studio. Anna regales us with stories of quilt shops, meeting quilters on her journeys, and clever tips for doing handwork while riding along in an RV.

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Ann Shaw

Anna Bates

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky welcome Ann to the show. We look at her newest quilts that pare down traditional Amish quilts using her ‘new gesture’ process.

From Chapter Two:

Amish quilts use a lot of tonal colors. Ann shares what happens to one color when another is placed next to it. She then shares tips (and examples) for using high contrast vs. low contrast fabrics and changing proportions.

From Chapter Three:

Using the Courthouse Steps block, Ann pushes the gesture so that it is at its most minimal. It is method for being inspired by traditional blocks that then become a remixed version based on lines.

From Chapter Four:

Effervescent quilt blogger, Anna Bates, hit the road with her husband after retirement to go camping and visit quilt stores along the way. She talks about meeting quilters on the road, living in an RV for extended periods of time, and what inspires her. Alex and Ricky look at her quilts.

Anna also shares tips for doing handwork while traveling on the road and a few easy embroidery stitches working with wool.

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#5 Pemela 2018-07-01 14:42
What a fantastic show. Lots of inspirational ideas from Ann Shaw and how delightful is Anna Bates. There is still nothing to touch The Quilt Show, Many Thanks to all.
#4 buffalogal24 2018-06-27 20:30
loved the show, Ann Shaw answered Alex regarding her patterns and said that her website was; it is actually annshawquilting .com to find her lovely patterns. Thank you for this show as you are with me a lot when I am in my studio. Kay
#3 iquiltfast 2018-06-22 15:50
Thank you, Ann Shaw, for all the useful tips. Can't wait to try them!! It was so much fun to see Anna Bates cheerful face. I am a HUGE fan of her Quilt Roadies channel on You Tube. I look forward to all of her videos.
#2 maggiojudy 2018-06-18 10:37
If you had given her a robe too, she could have been Queen For A Day! OK, Maybe before your time...
#1 colorcode 2018-06-18 09:39
2213 was OVER THE TOP!!!
LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Ann Shaw's demonstation of color theory and open-ended patchwork and art. I was spellbound and her inspiration has made my day. PLEASE bring back more guests within the contemporary art experimentation realm.
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