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Show 2212: Linda Pumphrey / Carolyn Hock - For the Love of Red and White

Featuring: Linda Pumphrey / Carolyn Hock

Posts On: June 3, 2018


Red and White quilts have been an iconic color combination for quilters since the discovery of Turkey red dye. Working with these two high contrast colors requires a bit of extra attention and Linda Pumphrey is back to offer helpful tips and tricks for avoiding unexpected pitfalls down the road. Along the way she shares intriguing bits of Red and White quilt history, antique quilts, and wows us with new designs based on old patterns.

TQS member Carolyn Hock is back to entice you with techniques for adding that bit of fantastic bling to the edge of your quilts. From Red and White to outstanding bling, this show is sure to catch your eye.

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Linda Pumphrey

Carolyn Hock

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky welcome back Linda Pumphrey. They talk about her work with the Mountain Mist company and her love of Red and White quilts.

Red and White quilts were hugely popular with American quilters during the 1830s and 1840s with the discovery of Turkey Red (a color that did not fade and was colorfast) and the importing of this fabric became possible. Linda's love of history and the iconic color combination of Red and White led her to write her book. They look at both antique quilts from the Mountain Mist collection (now housed at the International Quilt Study Center) and examples of Red and White quilts from her book.

From Chapter Two:

Linda gives you tips on working with red and white fabric, including thoughts about washing, appliqué, and batting. She also shares a bit about the history of the popularity of Red and White quilts over the centuries in the US.

From Chapter Three:

In 1929, Mountain Mist began offering patterns as a marketing tool. Patterns were offered through a mail order program. To entice more purchases, the company created the ‘how to’ Blue Books in 1938 that included photographs of other quilt designs.

Linda shares an original 1962 paper pattern along with the original printer’s type set. Then it’s on to sharing tips for building the Odds & Ends block for a quilt pattern (1945) featured in the Mountain Mist Historical Quilts book.

From Chapter Four:

TQS member Carolyn Hock is back to share tips for adding fantastic bling to the edges of your quilts, incluidng a bias loop border. But first, she shares her TQS notebook filled with tips and practice samples from all of the shows she has watched. The notebook is a reference tool she turns to over and over again when working through her quilts.

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#5 EditorAnne 2018-07-12 04:43
Great show! I can't wait to try Carolyn's bias tube edging.

BTW, the link to the book _Mountain Mist Historical Quilts_ actually takes you to the page for Shout Color Catchers.
#4 kmactutorsews 2018-06-07 18:09
Fantastic, as always! Love both guests, very infectious with so many quilt ideas .... fine blend of history and new ideas!
#3 firequilter 2018-06-03 14:15
What a wonderful show with all the tips. Especially the turning of the tube tip - what a "jaw dropping moment". Thanks for all the ideas.
#2 quiltedpeach 2018-06-03 11:50
Great show full of helpful tips! So easy to understand and fun! Thank you Penny and Carol! And of course, Alex and Ricky and Justin and gang!
#1 johns2148 2018-06-03 11:37
What a terrific show. Many, many tips and sources of inspiration!
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