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Show 2202: Betty Busby / Cyndi McChesney - Working with Unusual Materials and Decoding an Antique Block

Featuring: Betty Busby / Cyndi McChesney

Posts On: January 14, 2018


Betty Busby began her fiber exploration with a degree in ceramics. After a very successful career she transitioned to exploring and manipulating unusual non-quilting fiber that feature subjects from the natural world. Using hand painted silk, a soldering iron and other out of the norm tools, Betty shares how to make translucent and unbelievably delicate elements for her larger than life quilts featuring enlarged microscopic images. You will never look at landscaper’s cloth in the same way.

Cyndi McChesney is back to unravel the mysteries of drafting a traditional antique quilt block based on a grid system. Breaking down the block components makes the job more streamlined and allows you to determine the finished block size.

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Betty Busby

Cyndi McChesney

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky catch up with Betty and take a look at some of her quilts. Betty's current fascination is with including tranlucency in her work.

From Chapter Two:

Betty discusses the various types of silk and other materials needed before getting Alex to join in the fun with fabric paint and fabric.

From Chapter Three:

Always the artist, Betty was thinking of what to do with left over landscaper’s cloth after a garden project. The result was a tree quilt that spurred on a whole new series of quilt work. She discusses the tools needed for working with the cloth and then teaches Ricky how to paint on the non-woven piece as well as cutting out tiny circles using a soldering tool.

From Chapter Four:

Sometimes you see an antique quilt and love a certain block, but don’t know how it is assembled. Cyndi McChesney shows you how to take a traditional block and draft it out based on a grid system.

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#7 vrishchic 2019-03-13 01:20
Wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Completely in love with the fish. How does she give it body (it hangs flat and straight). How does she hang it?
#6 Jackie56 2018-01-29 06:06
I loved Betty's segment, watching her joy in creating artwork was so contagious made me want to get out my dyes and try and create her techniques.
#5 Grandmere 2018-01-26 04:45
How does Betty fuse the cutout fabric onto the other fabric? Is it ironed on?
#4 TooWillow 2018-01-23 08:56
I have a piece of fabric that I bought three yards of and gave two of my quilting friends one yard each. We came up with a challenge event to create a quilt using the fabric. I am going to use some of Betty's methods in my challenge quilt. Thanks for sharing Betty! Your art is nothing but inspiring.
#3 AliciaNKM 2018-01-21 07:30
Wonderful! Thank you Betty and The Quilt Show!
#2 happyhare 2018-01-14 18:16
Great show but I want to see what she does with ravens. Let's have her back. I bet she is full of tricks.
#1 Merylin 2018-01-14 01:34
That was an amazing show of skill and innovation to achieve such beautiful work. I have been a fan of Betty's for a long time and from a long distance here in Western Australia. Her work is inspirational and she was very down to earth with her teaching. Here's hoping you can bring her back again soon. Great show.
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