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Show 2201: Edyta Sitar - It's All About Scraps & the TQS BOM 2018 Patchwork Barn Quilt

Featuring: Edyta Sitar

Posts On: December 31, 2017


Alex and Ricky welcome back Edyta Sitar, who is the designer of the TQS 2018 BOM quilt, The Patchwork Barn. Edyta loves designing and making all of her own quilts. She talks about loving scrappy quilts and using an anchor to tie the parts together so your eye can rest. When she isn’t going scrappy, she loves working in blue and white as the colors are versatile and timeless. She gives tips for fabric selection, including the Rule of Five, when only working in two colors.

Edyta is a big proponent of testing out ideas and techniques before making a quilt. She shows how working small can allow you to see how colors and blocks come together before making a large version.

Want more tips? Edyta also demonstrates a clever binding technique that reduces bulk in the corner. And if that’s not enough, she introduces a second color way for the TQS 2018 BOM.

Edyta also brings part of her large collection of her own and antique quilts for a giant bed turning on the set and talks about the children’s book she wrote that includes a quilt project.

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Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts)

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky welcome back Edyta Sitar, who is the designer of the 2018 BOM quilt. They discuss some of her recent books and techniques and take a look at her quilts.

From Chapter Two:

Edyta shares why she loves working in blue and white when she isn’t going scrappy. She has tips for fabric selection when you work in only two colors, including the "Rule of Five", and building a block with two colors.

From Chapter Three:

Edyta shares tips for what makes a successful scrap quilt using examples of her own designs and antique quilts in her personal collection. It’s a giant bed turning on the set.

From Chapter Four:

Edyta is a big proponent of testing out ideas and techniques before diving into a large quilt. Working small allows her to see how colors work together, how blocks come together, etc.
Along with showing how to take a two-fabric block and make it appear different (by placing fabrics in a different location) she also has a very clever binding technique that reduces bulk in the corner. And, if that weren’t enough, she shares a second colorway for the 2018 BOM.

After Set:

Edyta is now an empty nester and all that that entails. This new place in her life has allowed her to write a children’s book that includes a quilt project.

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#47 Nanasneedles 2018-05-02 13:21
I just love this BOM. I do have a concern as to how long to wait before cutting each month's blocks. As we had two errata posted on Block two -- this redo really uses up the fabric and for those of us who live in the country -- not really easy to go out and get more. How long are most people waiting. One errata was six weeks after the instructions ( or approximately therein)..
Again I love this fabric and quilt -- just a slight concern. I have stopped cutting at this time
#46 Priscilla 2018-04-02 18:29
Love Edyta & what she does! She's so artistic & makes the projects come together so much easier that they look.
#45 JOHNANDERSON 2018-02-26 13:38
The backing fabric Edyta used for her quilt was A-8505-L. Please refer to the fabric swatch list in your kit. Please note that the backing fabric is not included in the kits and our shop does not carry it.
#44 Nanasneedles 2018-02-26 11:44
Which of the Blue Sky collection was used for the back of the 2018 Block of the Month. I received the kit and just love it.
#43 MaryisSewHappy 2018-02-11 20:10
Wow! So many ideas, so many show & tell quilts! Edita Sitar is amazing! Really loved her thoughts on anchoring her scrap quilts, her precision piecing, and her binding trick. Thanks for having her on your show.
#42 sarah21 2018-02-01 00:21
Amazing!!!!!!Le arnt so many new tricks. Thank you. I know this is very late. Wonderful and really invigorated me to get sewing!!! :-)
#41 Quayquilter 2018-01-19 07:15
Absolutely brilliant. Just inspired and off to sew some HST's. Thank you Edita for your generous sharing.
Mary in Canterbury UK
#40 Claire31 2018-01-19 02:41
Fantastic show! So much information and so many ideas . Thank you Edyta , your quilts are wonderful and do-able.
#39 Penny M 2018-01-16 10:47
Love Edyta and her designs. What a great choice for BOM this year. I have purchased two of her patterns that I have not even been able to start making yet, so I won't be joining in the project, but will definitely enjoy viewing the work of those who participate.
#38 eileenkny 2018-01-15 11:54
I was lucky enough to see Edyta at QTM. Her interview was so enlightening. I can honestly say that is when I really fell in love with Edyta Sitar! I have been a "blue" person all my life, so my stash of blue fabrics is more than up to the challenge. Looking forward to making this quilt.

Just an update: Quilters Take Manhattan did its last program in September 2017. Quilt Alliance is taking it's show on the road, doing more QSOS across the country.
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