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Show 2109: Inventive Products & Binding Unusually Shaped Quilts

Featuring: Michele Sanandajian / Laura Wasilowski

Posts On: October 22, 2017


Textile artist Michele Sanandajian’s incredible talent was noticed early on by her art college professor. It was with his encouragement that she applied and was accepted to the Parson’s School of Design as a Junior. But, it was due to her desire to learn all of the fundamentals, and probably much to her parent’s dismay, that she began as a Freshman. Bits of dryer sheets, netting for produce, candy wrappers, and scraps of leather make their way onto a surface painted design in a layer-by-layer effect using her Innova longarm. It is this drive and need to push the boundaries of what constitutes a quilt, that make Michele’s collage work and her use of out-of-the-ordinary mediums stand out. Michele is fearless, putting the machine through its paces, with stunning results. Finishing off the work is her hand spun yarn that becomes the edge finish of the quilt.

Then, TQS catches up with Laura Wasilowski in Sisters, OR, to see her new Pretty Planet quilt series and how she binds these unusually shaped quilts.

Show Information

Links to Artists:

Michele Sanandajian (Urban Palm Studios, LLC)

Laura Wasilowski (Artfabrik)

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky meet Michele Sanandajian and look at her quilts. Michele was inspired to take up quilting when she was shown a family quilt top made by her great grandmother. She studied graphic design and attended Parson’s School of Design.

From Chapter Two:

Beginning with a printed image of an original drawing on canvas, Michele shares her collage process.

From Chapter Three:

Michele continues to add more interest to her work by free-motion stitching down hand spun yarn that becomes the unusual edge finish for her quilt. The exposed batting is then colored with a matching colored marker. A diluted textile medium is painted over the entire surface to protect her work. 

From Chapter Four:

TQS catches up with Laura Wasilowski in Sisters, OR, to see her new Pretty Planet quilt series and how she binds these unusually shaped quilts.

Products and Artists Mentioned:

#13 BlueEyesBrittany 2019-01-10 11:46
Apart from the quilting that is fabulous, It is nice to hear about love and marriages that last till the end without abuse, cheating, harm or hurt. Such are so rare and yet the most cherished thing on earth.

I am happy with the quilting part, having had terrible experiences and knowing fully well how such marriages are rare even more so these days but you are truly a very lucky person and I hope your marriage will stay as blissful, safe and happy as it seems to be till the end.

all the best to you
#12 sarah21 2017-11-30 22:47
Wow! What a spectacular show. Loved Michele's work and idea's and yes am going to look her up to learn more! Laura's class was certainly jammed packed full and what more surprising I'm loving her work and style! She is so creative and it too! I can see fitting into my style of quilting now and for the future. So, so very interesting and useful for someone who loves to use their hands. :lol:
#11 Kristin_TQS 2017-11-03 10:23
Thank you all for your interest in Michele's book!

Michele has asked that if you would like to purchase a copy, to please contact her directly. She can be reached using the contact form on her web site:

Kristin at TQS
#10 patriciaarndt 2017-11-02 08:45
I need her book! Where can I get a copy?
#9 quiltingmidwife 2017-10-31 11:15
ditto. would like to know where one can buy Michelle's book. Have searched everywhere without success.
#8 bopalula250 2017-10-29 11:19
I’ve been searching and searching. How can I get the book?
Totally love, love, love this process!!!
#7 CharJP 2017-10-25 13:45
Would also like to know where to get book.

#6 aqquilts 2017-10-23 11:28
Great show! How do I order Michele's book?
#5 topazgypsy 2017-10-23 00:06
Loved this show, learned some new techniques... thank you quilt show...
#4 Barb7379 2017-10-22 13:49
Where can we purchase Michele's book?
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