Show 2105: A Modern Approach to Stained Glass Quilting & Shot Cottons in Traditional Blocks

Featuring: Allie Aller / Pepper Cory

Posts On: August 27, 2017


Always one to use her unique and personal style when it comes to quilting, Allie Aller is back to share a new and updated spin on Stained Glass quilts. But you won’t find any bias tape in this method that easily translates into traditional, landscape, or any other style of quilting. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the variety of design options too. No longer bound by using only cotton, oh no! Allie mixes silk, cotton, brocades, and even wool together to create stunning detailed and dimensional results.

We then take you on a journey to North Carolina to learn about Pepper Cory’s love affair with shot cotton and how she is using it to create stunning effects in traditional quilt blocks.

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Allie Aller

Stained Glass Quilts Reimagined by Allie Aller (C & T Publishing)

Pepper Cory

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky welcome back Allie Aller to learn about her new work with stained glass quilts.

From Chapter Two:

Allie covers the basics of preparing your work, tools, and the variety of leading options (ribbon, metallic trim, rick rack, etc.). She demonstrates how the leading is attached and gives other tips for working with the leading. We then look at a variety of options that feature different ribbon color, and how effective this method can be translated in other more traditional quilts.

From Chapter Three:

Frustrated by the old method of using leading that was the same size, Allie shares her technqiue for making what she calls "spaghetti." Once cut, she shows how to place, fuse and stitch down the spaghetti leading. We then take a look at some of Allie's completed work.

From Chapter Four:

TQS visits the home of NC artist Pepper Cory to learn about her new love affair with shot cottons and how it can be used for stunning effect in traditional quilt blocks.

Artists/Books/Products Mentioned:

#70 Needle

Aurifil monofilament thread (smoke or clear)

BERNINA embroidery foot

Clover Mini Iron

Dritz Sewing tape (double sided)

Goddess Sheet

Karen K. Buckley Scissors

Kona Cotton (black)

Kreinik Polyester Metallic Woven Ribbon

M & J Trimmings

Misty Fuse

Radiance by Kaufman Fabric

Water Soluble Marker

Wash-A-Way Wonder Tape


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#22 nanapishposh 2017-09-07 12:34
the video keep pausing hard to watch but what I did see liked very much
#21 HeleneHeon 2017-09-06 18:41

I have a iPadAir with IOS 10.3.3. I cannot see any show. Only a bar with the word music. I can watch all the shows on My husband iPad Air (same as mine) with IOS 10.3.3
#20 eileenkny 2017-09-05 15:58
I'd like to ask Pepper a question-when you're sewing a 1/4 inch, is it a real one or a scant one?
#19 paulagri45 2017-09-01 14:28
I too am having problems with seeing all of the show videos for this year. I also use my I pad to see things clearer due to my poor eyesight. Please fix this!
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We are working on the iPad issue trying to determine where the problem is. Those of you having trouble, have you gone back and tried to watch any previous shows again to see if the same problem exists with those shows now?

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  1. Alex and Ricky learn about Allie Aller's new work with stained glass quilts.
  2. Learn about preparation, tools, and leading options.
  3. Allie shows you how to make "spaghetti" leading.
  4. TQS visits the home of NC artist Pepper Cory to learn about her new love affair with shot cottons.

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