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Show 2104: Zentangle Quilting & Totally Tuffets

Featuring: Nysha Oren Nelson / Sharyn Cole

Posts On: August 13, 2017


Zentangle master, former cosmetologist, and quilt artist Nysha Oren Nelson enthralls us with his method for incorporating the six elements of marks in his free-motion quilt designs. Using no pre-drawing, this method allows for more organic and spontaneous designs. This might seem scary to most, but his suggestion of working out kinks and problems on practice samples allows you to flush out ideas and design options and thread color before the needle ever touches the fabric. Taking it to an ever more basic level, Nysha’s exercise doodling makes it even more fun.

Self-appointed Queen of Tuffets, Sharyn Cole, shows that these little jewels of eye candy aren’t just for Victorian ladies of yore.  Personalizing is what it’s all about. From blue jeans and ties  to high school sport shirts, there’s a creative tuffet for every type of recipient.

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Links to Artists:

Nysha Oren Nelson

Adventures In Free-Motion Quilting-DVD  available at Nysha's website.

Sharyn Cole

From Chapter One:

Nysha, a former cosmetologist and Zentangle certified teacher, talks about his journey and love of creating dimension with quilting. We look at his quilts and a decorated wooden box featuring his own Zentangle designs.

From Chapter Two:

Nysha explains the fundamentals of the 6 elemental marks. He also shares examples of how to combine a variety of stitches and his method for tying off and knotting threads.

From Chapter Three:

Nysha discusses using samples to help you improve your work, audition threads, and work out your designs.

From Chapter Four:

Sharyn Cole discusses the elements and shows the steps for making your own tuffet. She also talks about personalizing your tuffet.

After Set:

Nysha shares his move to a designated creative space that includes a studio and gallery. He lined his first home with floor to ceiling books.

Products/Books/Artists Mentioned:

Nancy Crow, Kaffe Fassett, Diane Gaudynski

Chenille Needle
Loran Needle Threader

Newsprint paper – found a craft stores

Add-a-Quarter Ruler
Tuffet Source
Clover Awl
12” upholstery needle
Lift cording
Toilet flange w/ 3” opening (Dimple maker)
Warm & Natural Batting

#8 cristybono 2017-08-26 02:32
Love it!!!!
#7 LindaLou 2017-08-21 05:28
So enjoyed Nysha's segment as he taught my Zentangle class in Indianapolis. And the memory tuffet with ties or denim, what a great idea!
#6 Mame Johnston 2017-08-20 15:15
Loved today's show and my favorite tuffet maker, Sharyn Cole! I need to make another series of them!
#5 Shirley 2017-08-16 14:34
So very sorry for your loss, Alex. I know how much you loved each other and how wonderfully well your dad supported you. You were his baby girl. Sending love and prayers.
#4 littlestitches 2017-08-15 13:29
Alex I was sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad..He was a great example of a loving father who taught you well.. Prayers for you and your family..
#3 Loralye2 2017-08-14 16:50
I love my Quilt Show subscription. I really do. Outstanding content, people and quilts! You guys rock!
#2 Sewdreamy 2017-08-13 12:21
Great show! I particularly love the section on Nysha's samples...and those soft books full of designs. I think I have to make one. Cheers. :-)
#1 roxburns 2017-08-13 09:48
Thank you Alex and Ricky for today's Quilt Show. One of my favorites so far.
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