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Show 203 - Ribbon Winning Appliqué

Featuring: Suzanne Marshall

Posts On: February 4, 2008

Suzanne Marshall, the International-award winning quilter, shares several of her tricks and techniques that keeps her sought after as one of the best appliqué teachers today. (As an aside, she was a key mentor to Ricky). We also have the chance to visit Suzanne at her home and spend some time with Cheryl Uribe, TQS' very own Gizmo Girl.

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Suzanne Marshall

Alex Anderson (Alex Anderson Quilts)

From Chapter One:

Alex talks about pins and shows you a nine-patch block. Then Cheryl Uribe, TQS' Gizmo Girl, shows an appliqué pressing tool, appliqué scissors, tool cleaner and treatment, and quilt design folders.

From Chapter Two:

Ricky visits Suzanne Marshall at her home and looks at her quilts. Suzanne then joins Alex and Ricky on the set to chat and look at even more of her quilts.

From Chapter Three:

Alex shows Ricky a tip for getting your design from the wall to the machine with minimal effort. Back in the studio, Suzanne shares appliqué and embroidery techniques.

From Chapter Four:

Ricky learns more from Suzanne, including how to quilt without a hoop. Once they're finished, Alex returns to answer questions from the audience along with Suzanne and Ricky.

After Set:

Suzanne shares how she would like to talk to William De Morgan if she could travel back in time and meet the subject of one of her quilts. Suzanne also talks about where her inspiration comes from for each of her projects.

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#1 Emmy 2017-09-11 07:25
I knew it had to be her design/quilt! One of hers was in a book I had in my library and it resembled her style. I am surprised by some of her other designs;a
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