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Show 2013 - Art and Abstract Design

Featuring: Lyric Kinard / Tonye Belinda Phillips

Posts On: June 18, 2017


Lyric Kinard is back to stretch our idea of abstract design using a simple technique with surprising results. Alex and Ricky join in the fun as students. Always one to challenge herself as an artist, Lyric shares the results of her 365-Day of Drawing Faces Project, which led her to better understand the road map of the human face. This easy-to-do project is doable by anyone desiring to improve their own drawing skills.
TQS tours the Camp Sherman home and studio of Tonye Belinda Phillips. Known for her whimsical folk art creations, Tonye shares tips for achieving perfect appliqué points.

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Lyric Kinard

Tonye Belinda Phillips

From Chapter One:

Lyric Kinard explains the elements of Abstract Design (lines, shapes, movement) and how you can incorporate these into your work. She gives Alex and Ricky a lesson in abstract design featuring just a pair of scissors. She also shares student examples.

From Chapter Two:

Lyric shares her latest work and talks about her quilts. She loves creating portrait quilts, which often come from a memory, poem, or photos.

From Chapter Three:

As an artist Lyric studied architecture, but admits to struggling with the human figure, especially the face. So she challenged herself to draw a face a day for an entire year. Using 3” x 5” index cards, the faces began to improve as time went by. She discusses "mapping out" the human face.

From Chapter Four:

TQS tours the Camp Sherman home and studio of Tonye Belinda Phillips. Known for her whimsical folk art creations, Tonye shares tips for creating the perfect hand appliqué points.

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#6 Kari Brimhall 2017-07-01 14:18
WOW! Lyric is AMAZING! Thank you for having her be on your show. I loved how she makes abstract quilting sooo easy! I loved her making faces and have been inspired to start drawing my own.
I learned so much.
thanks again!
#5 SueBuck 2017-06-28 12:52
What a great show! I learned so much and will be following up on Lyric's website! Thanks!
#4 newmarket 2017-06-28 09:01
I cant see this show
#3 lbarnes 2017-06-26 06:55
I loved this show with Lyric Kinard, especially the abstract drawing segment and the drawing faces segment. Would you consider putting a line drawing of the face features placement online so we could have a quick reference. Faces are something I have always been interested in drawing. Also, to LadyRags, you can find her pocket guide on Lyric's website.
#2 LadyRags 2017-06-21 07:58
Can you clarify the author, publisher of "Pocket Guide to Composition" I looked for it on AMAZON and could not find the book.

Love LYRICS faces segment ... I want to try it.

#1 GeneBlack 2017-06-18 08:23
I love the way Ricky's abstract showed his design style. It plays on the style of Ricky's "Bohemia" designs but is different too. I will definitely be playing the "scissor game."
I also really appreciate Lyric for showing that abstract is not "terrifying" as so many people think - but that there is work and process to it.
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