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Show 2010 - Easy Piecing with Complex Fabrics Makes Stunning Quilts

Featuring: Paula Nadelstern / Julie Silber

Posts On: May 7, 2017


The Queen of Kaleidoscopes, Paula Nadelstern, is back to teach a new method for making complex-looking quilts. She uses easy piecing quilting techniques. It’s about letting the symmetrical fabric do the work of fooling the eye. But your eyes will not be fooled when Paula also shares how to make stunning fabric and embellished ornaments.

This is not a new idea, as Julie Silber, the Queen of Antique Quilts, shares a variety of diverse antique quilts all featuring designs based on simple squares.

Whether you love the new or the old, you'll love this show.

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Paula Nadelstern

Julie Silber

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky welcome back Paula Nadelstern. Paula is the Queen of Kaleidoscopes. She talks about her quilting journey and the idea behind working in a series. They take a look at her quilts and discuss her radiation mask, which she's made into a work of art.

From Chapter Two:

Paula shares her masterful technique for camouflaging seams using a square grid block and complex fabric to trick the eye.

From Chapter Three:

Paula demonstrates how to create a stunning tabletop or hanging ornament using fabric, pins, assorted beads, and sequins. She says that this similar process was used to create her radiation mask art piece.

From Chapter Four:

Quilt historian Julie Silber shares a variety of diverse antique quilts all featuring designs based on squares. From the simple Nine-Patch to miniscule postage stamp, the creativity is outstanding.

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#3 Sharon 2017-06-18 13:18
Would love to take a class to make one of the beautiful ornaments.
#2 FiberontheMt 2017-05-08 12:46
The decorative balls brought back fond memories. As a child in the 50's I had a kit that included cork balls with a hole at the "North Pole" in which I attached a velvet cord. I then covered the ball with sequins and beads by inserting pins. It was fun until I ran out of materials with no means of obtaining more. I totally forgot about that experience until seeing this show. Thanks for the memories!
#1 Sandra04 2017-05-07 11:50
I love everything about both inspirational segments of this show! Thank you TQS and thanks to your phenomenal guests!
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