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Show 2005 - Free-Form Collage and Embroidery

Featuring: Laura Fogg / Ann Horton

Posts On: February 26, 2017


Have you ever wanted to create a landscape without the fuss of complicated pattern pieces? Laura Fogg's method of fast, free-form collage will open your eyes to the possibilities of creating stunning impressionistic designs. Building a landscape begins with a base, onto which is layered free-cut fabrics, cheesecloth, yarn, and other elements to create a multi-layered interest and depth. She then "draws" on the collage using free-motion quilting.
Ann Horton shares her technique for creating a stunningly realistic three-dimensional butterfly using machine embroidery. Ann's free-form embroidery adds another layer of texture when it comes to making her award-winning quilts.

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Links to the Artists:

Laura Fogg

Ann Horton

From Chapter One:

Laura talks about how family, her farm, and food are reoccurring themes in her work.

From Chapter Two:

Laura’s freestyle raw edge collage landscapes allow her the freedom to build a piece that is both light in weight but also layered with many bits of fabric, fiber, beads, and other elements.

From Chapter Three:

Laura demonstrates her method of free-motion quilting. With tulle holding everything in place, she can "draw" on the collage with her machine stitches. She also shares her ergonomic machine set-up.

From Chapter Four:

As a psychotherapist for 35 years, Ann enjoys being creative after a day in the office. She talks about her award-winning quilts and says she feels a deep connection to the people, places, and culture of the subject of each of her themed quilts. She demonstrates her method of free-form embroidery as she creates a butterfly on a base foundation of thread.

After Set:

Laura talks about her many years spent as a mobility therapist and the people she has helped.

#3 Margecam52 2017-03-05 13:59
Loved this show!
#2 POLLYSPOCKETS 2017-03-03 18:00
Good Show! Thank you!!
#1 lguajardo 2017-03-02 16:55
AWESOME much inspiration. thank you all for allowing us to see such creativity....
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