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Show 1913 - TQS Quilting Legend 2016

Featuring: Katie Pasquini Masopust

Posts On: December 18, 2016


Born the fifth of seven children, Katie was encouraged by her parents at a young age to follow the path which spoke to her instinctively, and that path was art. She knew at an early age she wanted be an artist, and over the years that focus has never wavered. Thinking that painting would be her life, fate then stepped in when she discovered that an "embroidery class" she had signed up for in college was actually a beginning quilting class. Exploring art through fabric was a new and exciting journey for Katie. Always one to push herself to continue to grow as an artist, Katie's work has evolved over her thirty-year career.

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Katie Pasquini Masopust

From Chapter One:

Katie Pasquini Masopust invites us on a private tour of her home, studios, and the property she shares with her husband and three fun loving dogs. Never one to stop pushing herself artistically, Katie shares quilts from each of her quilting series.

From Chapter Two:

Katie unravels the mystery of piecing together a current Graffiti series WIP on her design wall. The giant jigsaw puzzle is worked bit by bit.

From Chapter Three:

Ricky and Katie sit on the porch swing to chat about her Alegre Retreat and her ever evolving work over a thirty-year career as an artist.

From Chapter Four:

Katie shares her paint studio work and TQS delves deeper into the three loves that center and ground her life. Then, Katie receives her plaque and is honored as our TQS Legend for 2016.

#23 Temjo 2016-12-31 17:59
Wow what a wonderful show, thank you so much Katie,. In watching the show you have started my thoughts going in all directions, of how I could maybe come out of my box and go outside of those lines that I find myself to afraid to do so. How I could possibly incorporate art that my wonderful daughter does into my quilts. maybe that way I may foister a love of quilting in her also. I look forward to buying your new book for more inspiration.
#22 Glor22 2016-12-27 17:27
Katie you are such a wonderful and inspiring artist and human being. So happy for you to receive this honor but even more happy for you to have followed your bliss and returned to your peeps and the place that you call home. I have been a fan and follower for many years, have most of your books, taken classes with you and you continue to amaze and inspire me. Mahalo nui from Volcano Hawaii!!! Warmest ALOHA!
#21 GeorgiaBonesteel 2016-12-27 10:03
Katie, What a joy to watch your Legend show. Congrats and well deserved. Remember our cruise and Happy Hour with hubbies! I have been next to you teaching several times and I would pause and tell my students, "wow What a good teacher" Georgia
#20 Glor22 2016-12-26 21:05
How do I see the full free show? All I get is the trailer when I go to the current episode. Would love to see this.Thank you.
#19 Colleenmarie39 2016-12-26 10:44
can I get your show on my tv utube?
#18 Colleenmarie39 2016-12-26 10:41
I'm just getting a black screen. I am updated to 10
#17 firequilter 2016-12-26 00:27
Great show. I've enjoyed Katie and her work for so many years. The second quilt I made was a landscape following her Ghost Layers technique. Seeing this show made me feel like I personally know Katie and that she's my friend. I just took her Artful Log Cabin class online and that will be my next project. I would love to add attending the Alegre retreat to my 'Bucket List'. She is an inspiration to me.
#16 thelindasmith 2016-12-24 23:10
Really enjoyed your show. You inspire me to try different things as well as have fun. Where did you get those great wire basket shelves in your studio?
#15 barb1525 2016-12-24 17:36
What a wonderful episode!! I remember seeing Katie as a TQS guest years ago, and was impressed by her work then...also saw an original quilt by her in the San Jose Quilt Museum. Amazing! And now this peek into her life story. Thank you so much for a great show!
#14 Kaktuswren 2016-12-23 07:42
I enjoyed viewing Katie's quilting studio, always looking for ideas to incorporate in my own quilt area. How does one go about looking for those perfect fabric shelving units?
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