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Show 1909 - Taking Leather to a Whole New Level

Featuring: Cathy Wiggins / Hollis Chatelain

Posts On: October 23, 2016


As a successful pattern designer, Cathy Wiggins' life took a major turn when she discovered and fell in love with the beauty and flexibility that leather offered. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she sold her entire fabric collection to fully embrace leather and to take quilting to a whole new level. Cathy teaches you the properties of leather and a wide array of options for incorporating it into your quilting. From embellishment to quilting, you will never look at leather the same way again. Then TQS visits the home, studio, and gardens of North Carolina artist Hollis Chatelain to see where she works, creates, and plays.

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Links to Artists:

Cathy Wiggins (The Leather Diva)

Gypsy Wood Leathers

Hollis Chatelain (Hollis Art)

From Chapter One:

Cathy Wiggins shares how she first started working with leather in her quilts and how she sold her entire fabric collection once she was certain of the new path she wanted to take.

From Chapter Two:

Cathy and Alex discuss working with leather, including using the proper tools, stabilizing the leather, marking, trimming, binding, and quilting.

From Chapter Three

Cathy talks to Ricky about dyeing and painting leather and they discuss making a test strip. They also discuss other options including pre-punching holes, using a die cutter, and molding wet leather. Cathy also gives other ideas for using leather including making a carpet bag, repurposing jeans, and adding embellishments.

From Chapter Four:

A visit and tour of Hollis Chatelain's home, studio, and gardens. See where she works, creates, and plays.

After Set:

Cathy talks about creating the studio of her dreams.

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#5 1960quilter 2016-11-06 18:05
While I appreciate the innovative idea of using leather, it is not something I would ever attempt. I think using leather is more for the art quilter which I am not. I am more of a traditional quilter.
#4 BrinkOfNorway 2016-10-28 15:55
Did you know the best leather to use in quilting is moose/elk? When prepared the skin will stay soft Even if it gets wet
#3 catz99611 2016-10-24 10:18
Kudos to The Quilt Show for featuring artists that think outside of the quilting box like Cathy Wiggins. We all need to expand our horizons occasionally to continue to learn and grow as artists. If you ever get the opportunity to see Cathy's work up close and personal, take it, you will be amazed.
#2 voila 2016-10-24 09:18
the film is ablank screen
#1 Silvita 2016-10-23 09:03
Hollis is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Seeing this video confirms how authentic she is when she teaches. I have been fortunate enough to have attended her ten year courses. She has transformed my way of looking at art and the way I create art, she has unselfishly shared her knowledge and her love for what she does.
I have always admired her work and her as an amazing artist capable of putting into fabric human emotion. I had only seen that capability from the masters of the Rennasaince.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with your students and with the viewers.
Silvia Sarinana
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