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Show 1907 - Machine Quilting Friends

Featuring: Lois Podolny / Nancy Arseneault

Posts On: September 25, 2016


The show begins with Ricky sharing a quick-and-easy method for backing a small quilt top, which cleverly renders the backing seam almost invisible. Quilting friends Lois Podolny and Nancy Arseneault then tell the tale of their meeting and mutual admiration, and offer a trunk show of their work. The two have very distinctive styles, but often critique and offer suggestions for each other’s works in progress. Each then shares a technique for machine quilting. Lois gives you a clever way to quilt concentric circles in metallic thread, using a drafted freezer paper pattern that acts as a bumper guard for your machine foot. Nancy walks you through her machine quilting process, offering advice from preparing your sewing machine and work area, through proper bobbin winding and making sample thread sandwiches. Their combined wisdom will do wonders for your quilting!

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Nancy Arseneault (No website at the current time)

Lois Podolny (No website at the current time)

From Chapter One:

Ricky shares a quick-and-easy method for backing a small quilt top, which cleverly renders the backing seam almost invisible.

From Chapter Two:

Lois Podolny and Nancy Arseneault talk about how they met and discuss the quilts they brought to the set.

From Chapter Three:

Lois talks with Alex about how she quilts her kaleidoscope quilts and demonstrates machine quilting concentric circles.

From Chapter Four:

Nancy walks you through her machine quilting process, offering advice from preparing your sewing machine and work area, through proper bobbin winding, and making sample thread sandwiches.

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#14 micheleinla 2020-04-27 14:06
As a very beginner machine quilter, this was so informative! Thank you!
#13 Nancy Arseneault 2016-10-28 23:01
For Quilth:
Sorry...we ran out of time when covering these things. Hard to describe but you can apply either Dr. Scholl's moleskin or weatherproofing window tape (with peel off paper and one sticky side) on the upper edge of the base of the foot pedal to keep the pedal itself from being depressed all the way down. This will slow the top speed of the machine while you gain confidence. Hope that makes sense. ;-)
#12 Quilth 2016-10-12 20:25
Thank you for such a great show with so many useful tips and your quilts were wonderful! Can you please explain how and where you put the window sealing tape on the foot control to prevent machine going too fast?
#11 lguajardo 2016-10-06 08:19
PS. I have the amazing rays....I think I will start using them again....
#10 lguajardo 2016-10-06 08:18
Love love love this show, my head is spinning....I have been longarming for over 13 years...and am still learning. Thanks for all the great the quilts!

Saw one of our Quilters Plus (Glenwood, Il) in the audience...what a thrill...
#9 Boo43 2016-10-04 22:53
Quiltdach, Hi! it's Lois. Nancy is exaggerating a little about the Cavalier piece. There are 47 thread color changes. The photograph was printed on freezer paper backed cotton. I had it done at a place that specializes in printing photos for professional photographers. It was done in Santa Fe, NM. If you are interested let me know and I will be happy to give you their name. If you have a great photograph of your babies it is a wonderful way of having them in an art quilt. Jennifer Day has a book and there is a picture of several of my quilts, including Flash's quilt, as well as good instructions for her process.

Almaquilts you put a smile on my face with reference to your fly fishing. No trout streams in AZ. Have rod, will travel. Good fishing and great quilting!
#8 Nancy Arseneault 2016-10-04 09:01
For Quiltdach:
Hi. The small cavalier quilt was made by Lois who has a little guy named Flash. The quilt is called "A Prince Among Kings". It is made from a photograph which has been printed on a special type of canvas & layered. The whole piece is then thread painted (almost completely covered) with half a million colors of thread. Since the bobbin thread is also colored, the BACK of the quilt is just as beautiful as the front. Lois used a technique promoted by Jennifer Day. And then, of course, in the backgrounds, Lois's amazing quilting. Hope that helps!
#7 skisel 2016-10-03 08:01
I watched this show twice before commenting only because there were so many great ideas. Thanks, Ricky, for the "birthing" episode - I love it! Wonderful guests, beautiful quilts, and many great methods that are very useful. Thanks!
#6 Quiltdach 2016-10-02 22:45
FOR Nancy...I have been trying to find out more about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel small quilt that was on the show but you never talked to it. I saw a small picture in Quilters Newsletter where it had won in a show. I am interested in knowing if it was pieces or quilted over a picture? Having 3 Cavaliers, I am always looking to find a way to do art quilts to capture their beauty. Thanks Feb T Edmond, OK
#5 almaquilts 2016-09-28 12:19
Great show. I'm a quilter and fly fisher and just started catching fish on my own flies. What a thrill, and I definitely see the connection to quilting. But tell me, where are all those trout in AZ?
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