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Featuring: Barbara Yates Beasley

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Learn how to give a "retro feel" to your quilt as Alex demonstrates how you can bind a quilt with a Zigzag edge without using bias-cut fabric. Our featured artist, Barbara Yates Beasley, was introduced to quilting with a stack of quilt tops she inherited from her mother. Her quilting career might have ended with finishing the quilts, but a friend sent her to an animal portrait class and she was hooked. A lifelong lover of animals, Barbara says, "It is all about capturing the expression of the animal and finding its soul, that makes a photograph or a quilt look realistic." She demonstrates how to create a pattern from a photograph with clear plastic film and a Sharpie. Using a muslin base and silk fabrics for the eyes, she adds shadows and sparkle with other threads and fuses fabric pieces into place to create her animal portraits.

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Barbara Yates Beasley

Alex Anderson (Alex Anderson Quilts)

From Chapter One:

Alex shares with the audience how you can bind a Zigzag edge without using bias-cut fabric. Watch as Alex shares her Zigzag binding technique with us from her book, All Things Quilting.

From Chapter Two:

Barbara Yates Beasley talks about how she became a hand quilter, and what happened after she said that she would “never” quilt. Barbara’s inspiration comes from portraits that she has taken of her dogs, cats, bunnies, and even cows.

From Chapter Three:

Barbara takes us through the process of how she starts her animal portrait quilts by tracing the photograph and using Photoshop to fine tune the portrait. Watch her technique to see how she prints her final copy and cuts the appliqué pieces to add dimension to her quilt.

From Chapter Four:

Barbara adds the finishing touches with details on her animal’s eyes using Gelly Roll and Sharpie pens. Watch the eyes come to life!

After Set:

Barbara talks about the new dog in her family and the renovation of her ranch house to include her new studio space.

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#6 ecorr60 2019-10-28 21:06
learning picture quilting
#5 TussieMussieCreation 2016-10-18 09:20
What a wonderful show! Thank you Alex & Ricky for inviting Barbara. I've watched it 5-6 times and really learned a lot. I've been struggling with the eyes and some of the details, but Barbara's techniques have helped tremendously. Here's what I've learned
#4 colemanp 2016-09-07 15:28
Very impressed with Barbara's quilts. They are truly amazing! As in a previous comment from Nikki1962, I too would like to learn more about her process for color choices and background designs.
#3 LesMorris 2016-09-01 22:34
Truly amazing, thanks for breaking it down through the process, great show !!
#2 ritabee 2016-08-29 13:12
What makes the eyes shine is that Barbara uses silk for the eyes to start with and then colors them in with her jelly roll pens and sharpies. I hope this answers your questions. Thank you.
#1 Nikki1996 2016-08-28 11:06
With amazement, I watched Barbara Yates Beasley give life to animals with her eye treatment technique. The backgrounds also caught my attention. I would like to see her compose her backgrounds and explain how she chooses a design and color combination to enhance her portraits.
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