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Show 1904 - The Appearance of Appliqué

Featuring: Sherry Rogers-Harrison / Jean Ann Wright

Posts On: August 14, 2016



Sherry Rogers-Harrison doesn’t make appliqué quilts; she creates whole cloth quilts that look like appliqué using fabric paints and stitching. She loves seeing the reactions of people when they realize how her work is done. Starting with a design transferred to white fabric and stitched to create a complex design, she uses paint to create the look of different pieces of fabric. She discusses the tools she uses and shares a clever trick for using an extra-fine paint pen to create the look of stitching. TQS also visits the studio of Jean Ann Wright, who makes log cabin blocks look curvy. She shows you how to use various sizes of fabric strips and finished blocks to create the illusion of curved designs.                                   

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Links to Artists:

Click here for the link to Sherry Rogers-Harrison's website.

Click here for the link to Jean Ann Wright's website.

From Chapter One:

Learn how to turn white cloth into a "PaintLiqué" quilt experience using brushes, pens and "PaintFusion".  

From Chapter Two:

Who goes from "inking in the ditch" to "quilting in the ditch" on her INNOVA? Stay Tuned!

From Chapter Three:

Sherry applies her beautiful painting techniques to a whole cloth quilt and WOW you will be amazed at the outcome. 

Click here to see her latest quilt that won a Blue Ribbon at AQS Paducah. The close-ups are fantastic!

From Chapter Four: 

Jean Ann Wright, a former Editor-in-Chief for Quilting Magazine, teaches us "her" way of creating curves with the classic Log Cabin block and her various rulers.

Click here to purchase Jean's Rulers and Patterns.

Click here to purchase Ricky Tims Heart & Soul CD

Click here to purchase Jean's Books.


#7 kate 2019-02-05 01:31
:lol: kate
#6 eileenkny 2016-09-12 12:53
Sherry, that Dainty Ditcher you're using is totally different than the one I bought from you! When did you do the modifications?
#5 friedapickett 2016-08-28 13:02
cannot get to the JeanAnn segment. The links always take me back to the trailer link. Irritating!
#4 Janmccoy 2016-08-21 15:53
I have been attempting to join for the last 1/2 hour and I can't seem to get your web site to accept my credit card. It did assign me a membership number which is: #8056wj8fd13m
I was attempting to purchase the annual membership so I would have total access.
#3 Sherry Rogers 2016-08-21 15:25
I was using the Pentel Gel Roller for fabric.
They have been discontinued but you can find them using Google.
#2 Welshwoman 2016-08-21 11:28
Love this episode and Sherry Rogers-Harrison 's quilts. Inspiration for certain! I couldn't hear the name of the pen she uses to mark her design on her fabric. Please tell me what it is. I have used many kinds and that one looks wonderful. Thank you
#1 Roseamongthorns 2016-08-15 13:27
Love, Love, Loved this show! What a great idea! :-)
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