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Show 1809 - Portrait Collages and Binding Concepts

Featuring: Lola Jenkins

Posts On: April 24, 2016


Ricky opens the show with a very clever method of adding piping to a seam, which works on both straight seams and curves! Piping looks great and adds interest and a tiny shot of color to a project.  Lola Jenkins then shares her new interest in collage portrait quilts. She starts with a photo, looking for intriguing facial expressions and gestures. She demos how to use photo editing software, choosing the right fabric (including some unusual color choices) and quilting without prior planning. She talks about finding the best way to manipulate a large quilt under a domestic sewing machine.  Lola has also devised some cunning finishing techniques that don’t require a lot of stitching. Check out her ideas for binding with ribbons, buttons and canvas backing.



Show Information

Links to the Artists:

Lola Jenkins

Ricky Tims

From Chapter One

Using Pearl Cotton, a BERNINA #32 foot, and a little bit of glue, Ricky shows the audience how easy it is to add a teeny-tiny binding to his “Fire Dragon Rhapsody Quilt."

Click here to purchase #3 Pearl Cotton.

The image below should help clarify the missing step in Ricky's opening demo.


From Chapter Two

Lola Jenkins shares her personal stories and how she creates her dynamic portrait quilts. Lola has been a portrait quilter since she began quilting.

Lola visited TQS before in Show 902: When Serendipity Strikes: Portrait of a Quiltmaker.

From Chapter Three

Lola talks about using to help create her quilts.  She also shares how she manipulates the images and quilts them.

Click here to go to

From Chapter Four

Lola explains to Alex and Ricky how she does not like “bindings." She then shares her own method for finishing quilts. Some of these methods include the use of lace and buttons.





#17 Jaenen 2018-04-02 13:55
Love love love Lola! Such enthusiasm and wonderful spirit. I had trouble loading this video big time! I tried three different days! It kept stopping or going blank or just gone! Sometimes it took over ten minutes to come back,,,But I was so enthralled with the content I stuck it out. And it was worth it just to enjoy Lola. She makes my heart smile. Please bring her back... and Ricky thanks for the binding information I’m going to try it soon. Cheers,
#16 RickyTims 2016-05-13 16:12
#13 #14 and #15 - yes, In my excitement, I failed to stitch the piping again AFTER the glue and dried. Without changing the machine set up, once the piping is glued in place, it should be stitched again. Look for an image to be posted here with that information and thank you for catching it! - you SMART quilters!
#15 HelenW 2016-05-11 08:04
Watch show 109 to get the step that Ricky left out in making the binding. Susan K
Cleveland does the complete technique.
The missing step is making a freezer paper
template laying it on the right side of the
curved fabric and stitching the piping butted up to the template. That holds the curve fabric to the piping so every is caught with the stitching when you put the
applique on the block.
#14 HelenW 2016-05-10 11:35
I tried the seam piping technique and as noted by several people the stitching in the
ditch only catches the piping and the block.
The circle is only glued. I love the idea.
What did Ricky leave out or do wrong.
Please advise, I really want to use this technique.
#13 karonray 2016-05-09 08:56
Ricky, In your quarter circles with piping. If you sew only on the gold piping, am I correct in thinking that the only thing holding the blue circle in place is the glue.
#12 LynnQuilts 2016-05-07 11:08
Lola came to our local quilt guild, and she was awesome!!! And her quilts were magnificent!! We had a great time with her!
#11 pipinghot 2016-05-04 08:40
If you love the curves with piping, check out my show, Piping Hot Curves in the first season. It's show #109! Susan K Cleveland
#10 AMiller 2016-05-02 22:20
I do not understand how the blue fabric is secured besides gluing. If the piping is sewn in the ditch it won't catch the blue fabric. How does that work?
#9 Patches2so 2016-05-01 09:44
Can't get this show and don't want to get this "bug" so when will it be fixed?
#8 skisel 2016-05-01 05:08
I loved your enthusiasm, Lola. Your portrait quilts have that graphic element I appreciate that portrays the essential elements to tell the "story". Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
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