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Show 1805 - Telling Stories and Quilting

Featuring: Charlotte Hickman

Posts On: February 28, 2016


Ricky opens the show by sharing tips for constructing a Snowball block, which is used in his quilt, Sir Lancelot, the second in his Arthurian Legend Quilt Series. His method produces a bonus block to be utilized elsewhere.

Charlotte Hickman is a storyteller and quilter, with a long career in school administration, and a creative background in knitting, spinning, and playing the organ. She took up quilting after retirement and has been going non-stop ever since. Her charming personality is always present as she shares stories about her life and her work. Charlotte incorporates her roving yarns (fuzzy-textured wool fibers) into many of her quilts, and she demonstrates how she creates tree trunks using the needle punch attachment on her BERNINA. She also shares her method for thread painting leaves, which she creates in units, using a wooden hoop and a water-soluble stabilizer.

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Charlotte Hickman (Nature Quilts)

From Chapter One:

Ricky shares tips on how to make a Snowball Block, which he features in his Sir Lancelot pattern.

From Chapter Two:

Charlotte Hickman is a storyteller and quilter, with a long career in school administration, and a creative background in knitting, spinning, and playing the organ. Charlotte took up her love for quilting after her retirement. She shares how she would knock on people’s doors to ask if she could take a photo of the beautiful flowers, as she loves to work from photographs to put her quilts together.

From Chapter Three:

Charlotte demonstrates how she takes her wool yarn and prepares it for either hand or machine felting. Her preferred fabric to use for this process is felt fabric. Charlotte demonstrates with her BERNINA felting foot to show the audience how to work the needle-felted wool fibers into your fabric and see your design come to life.

From Chapter Four:

Charlotte Hickman shares how she combines her felting with thread painting. Charlotte uses her Three Tulips pattern to share with the audience how she goes from tracing the design to filling in the design with free-motion zigzag stitches. She then cuts out the designs when finished and stitches them together with a free-motion stitch. Once she has all the leaves attached, she simply applies machine stitching to her stems.

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#15 NanaPie 2016-04-04 19:06
A wonderful show. I just ordered the three tulips pattern so I can give it a try. Thanks Charlotte and TQS for such a great show!
#14 sarah21 2016-03-20 03:15
Loved Charlotte's technique and skills. They are so user friendly. She has even inspired me to using her thread painting technique on wash away stabiliser on a ufo quilt that I have and which I have been stuck on for ages. Charlotte is an amazing teacher!!!! Thank you Quilt Show this show is truly amazing!!!!
#13 lguajardo 2016-03-12 08:32
Absolutely inspiring...... gotta get a pattern to try this out. Have roving from another I have another use for it! Did I mention the many spools of thread I can use doing this.....yay.
#12 Quilth 2016-03-11 21:03
Probably hundreds of viewers have pointed this out, but the method demonstrated on the show to construct Sir Lancelot quilt, is not how the finished quilt was made. On the show Ricky sewed 2 dark and 2 light 2" squares on the 4 corners of a 5" square. On the finished quilt he sewed all dark around the first 5" square then all light around the next.
#11 charlotte hickman 2016-03-09 08:14
Thanks to everyone. Yes, I would agree that Ricky, Alex and the crew are wonderful! Great experience for me to be able to appear on the show.
#10 herteddyness 2016-03-08 09:37
Now I know what to do with these boxes of roving that I received as a gift! Thanks TQS and Charlotte.
#9 Roseamongthorns 2016-03-03 11:16
I so enjoy hearing the background of guests. From all walks of life and all places we come - to enjoy the world of quilting. Thanks so much for bringing on Charlotte Hickman. I so enjoyed hearing about her background and how she continues to teach in her new career. It was a fascinating show. I could almost feel the fibers in my hands. Charlotte's sense of humor is wonderful too! Kudos to TQS for continuing to bring us terrific guests and an educational platform that we can visit 24/7. You all work hard refining and perfecting the delivery of the shows and it is much appreciated. Bravo!
#8 RobinQuilts 2016-03-02 16:15
I can't wait to try Charlotte's thread-painting technique on my current quilt. Thanks for another great show.
#7 Jenny 2016-03-01 00:36
Worth the wait, Jenny from Australia
#6 JennieSharp 2016-02-29 20:12
Charlotte, thank you for sharing your technique. I never had the desire to do thread paintint until now. Love TQS!
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