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Show 1804 - Quilting Outside the Blocks

Featuring: Jenny Bowker / Anna Bates

Posts On: February 14, 2016


Jenny Bowker creates incredible pieced landscapes, with exotic images from the Middle East and Malaysia, where she lived with her diplomat husband. She connected with the traditional tentmakers of Cairo (who have been crafting their elaborate appliqué fabric pieces since 2000 BC), and depicts them as the gentle people she came to know. Jenny shares her quilting style, which often extends the quilt’s interior design out into the borders. She saves the most complicated quilting for the outside edges, where it is easier to manipulate them. She also walks us through the process of dissecting a tiling design (whether simple or complex), and creating a vellum pattern for it. She demonstrates this technique with a challenging design featuring two overlapping vases. She also discusses why all quilters should enter their work into quilt shows.


Show Information

Click here to Try Jenny's Tension Test for your sewing machine.

Links to the Artists:

Jenny Bowker

Anna Bates (Woolie Mammoth Blog)

From Chapter One:

Jenny Bowker explains how being married to a diplomat took her to many countries, including Syria, Jerusalem, Damascus, Jordan, and Egypt. Her travels have inspired her beautiful photographic quilts.

From Chapter Two:

Jenny talks to Ricky and the audience about one of her favorite places, The White Desert. She then shows how she cuts her fabric up and demonstrates her free motion skills. She uses the designs in the fabric as her guide.

From Chapter Three:

After her fight with breast cancer and surgery, Jenny was inspired to do more quilting. Watch as she takes vellum and creates the tile designs that she uses in her quilts.

From Chapter Four:

Anna Bates shares her love of quitling with wool; she has been known as a wool addict. Anna talks about her love for Oregon, where she can go from her house, and walk to not one, but six, quilt shops in the area while she searches for wool. Anna demonstrates how to prepare your wool with Pellon and how to make beautiful flowers out of wool.

After Set:

Jenny talks about the importance of why all quilters should enter their work into quilt shows. Then, joined by husband Bob, Jenny shares the story of how she and Bob got "accidentally" married.

Products and Artists Mentioned:

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  • Click Here to see more of Jenny's quilts.
  • Click Here to visit Anna's Woolie Mammoth Blog
  • Click Here to visit Anna's YouTube Channel, Quilt Roadies

#30 sarah21 2016-06-13 10:53
Thank you Alex and Ricky. I absolutely loved Jenny Bowker. I had no idea Jenny was an aussie. I was so surprised especially seeing that I'm an aussie too! Of course I recognise her brilliant quilts immediately. She is a one in a million find! Hopefully I will have an opportunity to meet her one day at a quilt show. I love everything about her work and want to thank you quilt show for inviting her to your show and sharing her and her wealth of knowledge to us even if it was only just a very short time. Sarah21
#29 SuziRozi 2016-05-23 12:16
The enthusiasm of this quilter (Jenny) is infectious! One of the best shows ever!
#28 AuntJo 2016-04-30 09:35
Wonderful show Jenny Bowker is an inspiration !
Thank you Quilt Show
#27 maria36 2016-04-17 17:56
I believe this is one of the best shows ever! I so admire Jenny, and had the pleasure of listening to her lecture regarding her association with the Tentmakers of Cairo. Fascinating story, lovely, lovely lady, full of energy and fun AND so talented. Way to go, Jenny!!!!!!
#26 Kidwell 2016-04-15 12:31
I loved this show. Quilters are a unique bunch whom I love to say I belong. After watching this show I have a new love for another part of the world. Jenny's travels and her ability to put those pictures on a quilt is amazing. Anna Bates has inspired me to learn more about wool and definatley visit Bend Oregon. Great Show!!!!
#25 NanaPie 2016-04-04 19:11
Loved every single minute of this show! Trying to find my vellum paper too!!
#24 Pam20 2016-03-06 12:20
Great show! Thanks!
#23 djane 2016-03-05 16:31
A fantastic show. Jenny Bowker is an inspiration. Anna as well...I really enjoy her blog.
#22 RobinQuilts 2016-02-23 18:57
One of the best shows yet! I learned so much and am eager to try Jenny's tile technique.
#21 CPekich 2016-02-23 12:32
Great show! Jenny Bowker is truly a remarkable quilter and person. How nice to see Anna "in person" as well and get a peek into her quilt filled life!
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