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Show 1803 - It's All in the Border

Featuring: Janna Thomas

Posts On: January 31, 2016


Alex and Ricky each have their favorite – and least favorite – tools for marking quilts.  They debate the merits and drawbacks of various tools.

Janna Thomas finds much of her quilting inspiration in flowers and antique stitchery designs.  Her specialty is borders, and she shares her ideas for transitioning a quilt from the center out to the border – or borders!  She is a stickler for accuracy, and she shares basic tips on creating accurate blocks, as well as how to prepare and handle them during assembly, to keep them from losing their shape.  She demonstrates how to make quick diamond-in-a-square and triangle-in-a-square blocks.  Frustration with her cutting ruler prompted her husband Paul to design a new ruler for her, and they now have a quilting tool company.  They share the sweet story of how they met, and why they named their company Courtship Quilts.

Show Information

From Chapter One

Alex & Ricky share there knowledge with the audience on what type of marking tools that they prefer, while marking your quilts.

Ricky demonstrates how you can load your water-soluble thread in the machine and in your bobbin, to do your quilting. So once you have your water-soluble thread ready to go in your machine, you can simply follow the lines of the water-soluble thread to do your quilting, when finished just wash your quilt and that will remove your water-soluble threads.

To order Beautifully Quilted book by Alex Anderson, go here:

To order Ripples in the “Rock Pool” by Ricky Tims, go here

To order Ricky Tim’s Stable Stuff Poly Stabilizer, go here

To order your water-soluble thread, go here

From Chapter Two

Janna Thomas explains how once she received her book “Language of flowers” and realized that flowers send messages, it made her think, do all Quilters send messages with there quilts? Janna enjoyed watching Eleanor Burns on TV as she helped her build her confidence once she started quilting.

Janna (owner) of Bloc Loc explains how her business came in to play when her mother came to visit one Thanksgiving Day.  Janna’s mother brought with her a ruler with duct tape on it and commented to Janna what she did but the ruler still rocks and slips. Paul (Janna’s) husband who was working at the time for Quanta Airlines and could fix any thing took the ruler to the garage, filed a groove in the bottom of it and the rest is history on how The Bloc Loc Company was started.

To visit Eleanor Burn Show #305 or Show #913

From Chapter Three


Janna shares her tips on how to prepare your borders with starch and how this helps to not stretch your fabric when applying your borders.

From Chapter Four

Learn how to use some of the Bloc Loc rulers the correct way and how your blocks will be perfect every time.

Janna demonstrates on the Bloc Loc Drunkards Path 4 X 4 ruler, the Bloc Loc Triangle in a Square 3 X 3 ruler and other of the Bloc Loc Rulers.

After watching the show with Nola Emery on TQS Janna wanted to help out Nola Emery who started quilting after her accident, so they designed the Bloc Loc Slip not right hander ruler. Janna Thomas has also released her latest book, called Border Bling 1.

To order Bloc Loc Drunkard’s Path Ruler, go here

To order Bloc Loc Triangle in a Square ruler, go here

To order Bloc Loc 5 X 5 HST Ruler, go here

To visit Nola Emery Show #1506

To order Janna Thomas Book - Border Bling I, go here



#20 LadyRags 2017-07-12 12:15
I often use WASHABLE CRAYOLA MARKERS to mark my quilt.... It always came out of my grandson's school uniforms .... Longest time I had a quilt marked was 3 months ... the marks came out when I washed the quilt.
#19 cspotts 2016-06-28 11:23
Just signed up for TQS and this was the first show I chose. It was wonderful! I should have signed up years ago!
#18 NanaPie 2016-04-04 19:16
I hope they will have a booth at Paducah - I couldn't find that information on their website. I really enjoyed this show! Such great information.
#17 Dewees1 2016-03-19 19:42
Why did Ricky use wash away thread to mark on the back of the quilt top and not the front?
#16 Quilth 2016-03-12 22:58
Wonderful segment on the use of starch. What an eye-opener.
Great show, but what was the significance of the big plastic rings everyone was wearing?
#15 houstonQuiltlady 2016-02-18 14:34
Would Alex or someone else please comment on how she uses Synthrapol to remove excess dye? My instructions say hot water but if the quilt is finished I would not want to use hot water. I normally wash a quilt in cool water with a color catcher but have had a problem with Sewline marking pencil in the gray color not come out of the quilt. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
#14 alex 2016-02-12 10:45
I'd test one block using an 1/8 extra and see is that works......
#13 Grandmere 2016-02-12 08:15
Janna suggests cutting out larger pieces, then sewing the individual block, and then using the Bloc Loc to get an exact finished piece. How do you know how much larger to cut each of the pieces before you sew them together and then use the Bloc Loc?
#12 chocolate 2016-02-10 10:14
Loved seeing you on the show...and Paul, too! The rulers you gave me are the BEST!!! I use them all the time, they really do grab the fabric and hold on to it. Thank you again, sooo much! Nola Emerie
#11 sedmondson 2016-02-09 15:27
Love the show. I learned so many tips that should improve my quilt result.

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