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Show 1802 - Fearless Quilting and Fabulous Results

Featuring: Kathy McNeil / Ann Harwell

Posts On: January 17, 2016


Kathy McNeil is a fearless quilter (would you cut up your wedding dress?), and as a longtime critical care nurse, she is very aware of the health benefits of quilting. She uses a variety of techniques to create the effects she desires. Need a color that you don’t have? Kathy shows how to heat set crayons to create any fabric color you need. She achieves different looks depending on whether she sets them while wet or dry. She then shows how to build a landscape or pictorial quilt by creating collage units. This allows her to move around the elements before finalizing the design. Her choice and use of fabrics will change the way you look at them. Her unique style extends to elements of her home as well. Then, Ann Harwell creates precision cut and pieced masterworks, inspired by nature and images from the Hubble telescope. She shares her technique for piecing with pins directly in the seam.

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Kathy McNeil

Ann Harwell

From Chapter One:

Kathy McNeil talks about how her years of working in the critical care unit inspired her to produce such lovely, "award" winning quilts.

From Chapter Two:

You will love how Kathy applies her Neocolor II fabric paint crayon to her fabrics and comes up with the "exact" colors that she uses for her beautiful landscape quilts. This is a must see!

From Chapter Three:

Kathy shows how to choose that perfect fabric for your pictorial quilts, as well as creating your fabric into units before you actually lay all the pieces out to appliqué.

From Chapter Four:

Ann Harwell combines her love of astronomy with her love of quilts. Ann was featured in the April 1999 issue of National Geographic magazine with her Hale-Bopp fractured symmetry quilt. Ann will have you loving all the stars and space when you are finished watching this show, so stay tuned!

After Set:

Kathy talks about the interior garden she has built in her house and the murals she painted that cover her bedroom walls.

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#15 LadyRags 2017-07-12 11:57
I am enjoying catching up with TQS as we just upgraded our internet... ....
#14 sarah21 2016-03-20 23:00
Really enjoyed Kathy's quilting journey and especially her tricks with the watercolour crayons! I think I will have to try and find some. So that I have them standing by for when I need that special touch to make that quilt or project sing.
#13 Kathy McNeil 2016-01-24 20:36
Hi Lindadug.
I use Setasilk paints when painting on silk. I don't actually wash my cotton art quilts, but with the neo colors I suggest hand washing on cold with a very gently quilt soap like Orvis. If you were making a bed quilt that you did plan to wash, you might want to paint over with fabric medium.
#12 lindadug 2016-01-24 19:17
I had some Neocolor II crayons for a couple of years, and I had a challenge quilt I couldn't figure out how to get the gradations of colors i needed. When I saw Kathy's demo I had the answers, tried it today and it worked wonderfully. Tomorrow I will heat set the pieces then fuse them to the quilt. Thanks Kathy!!!
#11 kslough 2016-01-24 13:51
I know I'll never have the time to make all the quilts I want. So I get to quilt vicariously when I watch quilters do their magic on each show! And sometimes I'm led down a quilting path I had not anticipated and try something different. I'm so grateful quilters are a sharing group of artists!
#10 Ginny 2016-01-24 13:27
Kathy, LOVED this video! I have used the Neocolor II's and drew/painted a red poppy on a silk scarf, heat pressed it and then put it under water to see if it really was colorfast and it lost much of the color! What did I mess up on? Maybe not hot enough or long enough with the iron? Or was it the silk? I still use them but don't put them in water afterwards. I like to block my pieces with steam and am worried they will fade on the colored parts. Any suggestions would help! Thanks for your tips. ~ Ginny
#9 Sallie Jones 2016-01-24 10:22
Congratulations on your win at Road to California. Remember seeing this first hand on our cruise around NZ. Love listening to all the comments of the viewers. So well received.
#8 EditorAnne 2016-01-22 03:44
Love how Ann has her Featherweight flush-mounted in a huge sewing table. :) Anne in Vancouver, Canada
#7 jansk44 2016-01-21 07:13
OMG! What a wonderful show. I do water colors and have the neocolor crayons, can't wait to try them on fabric! Best shoe ever. Janet
#6 NanaPie 2016-01-19 16:34
Reallty great show. I'm finally going to take the leap and give those crayons a try!
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