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Show 1709 - From Pineapples to Photorealism

Featuring: Jane Hall / Susan Brubaker Knapp

Posts On: October 26, 2015


You might think that someone who has earned the title “Pineapple Queen” would live in a tropical climate, but Jane Hall has earned it through her amazing creations and alterations of the traditional pineapple block, which has held her interest for 25 years. She wrote the first book on the subject, and has since written many more. Jane shares some of her creations and techniques, and how she tweaks the block to invent many more designs. She also talks about her recent interest in making fabric baskets and bowls. Susan Brubaker Knapp has always been known for her nature-inspired works, and she shows some of her recent work. She then walks us through the basics of creating a piece, from taking a photo through the painting phase. She also demonstrates how her threadwork can add depth and realism to her pieces.

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Links to Artists:

Jane Hall

Susan Brubaker Knapp (Blue Moon River)

From Chapter One:

Jane Hall teaches how she got started making that “perfect” pineapple quilt to her first Ultimate Quilt that she replicated from the 1890s.

Then Jane explains how she likes to tweak her blocks to invent even more designs. These can be found in her book Perfect Pineapples, which she co-authored with Dixie Haywood.

From Chapter Two:

Jane teaches us how to take a traditional pineapple quilt block from start to finish and how to make an “off center” pineapple quilt. Learn how Jane uses her 6” or 9” Pineapple Paper Books to create these beautiful blocks.

From Chapter Three:

Susan Brubaker Knapp, who appeared in Show 901: State-of-the-art Quilting - Tradition Meets Innovation, shows us her new technique of “photorealism” by taking her photos and showing us how she creates her beautiful wall hangings.

Susan teaches how to go from a simple photo, to tracing your photo and adding a few techniques, and then turning that photo into a beautiful wall hanging. Susan does mention that she prefers to use acrylic transparent textile paints for her overall painting on her beautiful fabric creations.

From Chapter Four:

Susan demonstrates how to get that “perfect” tension and choosing the correct feet for your machine to do her wonderful wall hangings.

Products and Artists Mentioned:

  • Perfect Pineapples: Exploring Design and Techniques for Pieced Pineapple Quilts by Jane Hally & Dixie Haywood
  • Fresh Pineapple Possibilities by by Jane Hally & Dixie Haywood
  • Susan is currently the Host of Quilting Arts TV
  • Click Here to purchase Susan's DVDs and books

#1 AuntJo 2016-01-11 16:13
What a wonderful show !! Inspiration !!
I have got to start taking photos and learn Susans painting techniques !!! Thank you TQS
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