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Show 1708 - Jamie Wallen's Playground

Featuring: Jamie Wallen

Posts On: October 12, 2015


Jamie Wallen loves to play.  His playground is his studio:  he draws pictures with his longarm machine; he paints with threads; and he uses a grid as his field when creating a new design.  When Jamie was a child, his mother took in mending, and he often fell asleep to the sound of the sewing machine.  As an adult, he left a highly stressful nursing career after seeing an ad in a quilting magazine, and he took to longarm quilting as easily as picking up a pencil.  Jamie shares how he strives to make threadwork look like a photograph, blending multiple shades of threads to create one color.  He offers ideas about printing your own fabrics, as well as creating quilt designs both simple and complex by utilizing a grid and starting with basic shapes.  To open the show, Alex demos a fun and fast quilted mini basket using just two squares of fabric and a piece of fusible batting.

Show Information

From Chapter One:

Alex demos a fun and fast quilted mini basket using just two squares of fabric and a piece of fusible batting.

From Chapter Two:

Jamie shares how he went from his nursing career to longarm quilting and shows the audience some of his prize quilts that he quilted.

From Chapter Three:

Jamie shares how he prepares his quilts from start to finish by starting with adding ink to his fabric, setting it and preparing the piece for quilting

Jamie applies multiple shades of thread to create one color on his designs.

From Chapter Four:

Jamie shares his Innova longarm techniques by starting with a “pumpkin seed” stitch and how to decide where you should start and stop while quilting your designs. Jamie loves to use his Quilters Apothecary 45 degree angle ruler to make this process easier, along with his ¼” marking tape. The designs that Jamie is sharing and teaching us, can be found in his book Mystical Grids.

To purchase the Quilters Apothecary 45 degree angle ruler, go here

To purchase the ruler marking tape, go here

To purchase Jamie’s book, Mystical Grids, go here

To visit Jamie’s website, go here

#6 niceonema 2017-07-05 12:07
love Alex basket - have made one already :lol:
#5 niceonema 2017-07-05 12:06
ttend Jamies class
#4 niceonema 2017-07-05 12:06
:lol: :-) :D
#3 ellagranny 2017-03-18 19:28
i LOVE the way Jamie teaches. It would be a privilege to take a class with him. Maybe, the Southern Cal guilds can get together and invite him to a few speaking engagements. Hmmm...

Thanks Ricky and Alex for bringing us so much talent!!
#2 Deborah 2017-02-28 12:34
Just love Jamie and his quilting :-)
#1 kampswindell 2016-03-04 15:18
The basket that Alex demos is perfect for Easter baskets.
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