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Show 1704 - Color Challenges and a Quickie Quilt

Featuring: Becky Goldsmith

Posts On: August 17, 2015


Becky Goldsmith is one of the true Queens of Appliqué, but she is also a Master of Color. In this show, she shares great information about the use of color and its various elements: how white can freshen the look of a project; how to identify and use clear colors vs. gray ones; and how to combine the two into one quilt. She shares some of her many quilt creations, including her recent Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge, in which she used every unsightly piece her blog readers sent to her. Still near and dear to her heart, Becky shares her secrets for making wonderful appliqué letters, and getting around tricky turned corners. She even shows how to appliqué your signature. Lastly, she shares an amazing technique for binding quilts, which may be your biggest challenge to duplicate! Alex then demonstrates a super fast, three-hour baby quilt top, made with a center panel and a border of flying geese, and she shares her speedy and accurate technique.

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Becky Goldsmith (Piece O' Cake)

Alex Anderson (Alex Anderson Quilts)

From Chapter One:

Alex shows the audience how to make a quilt top in three hours or less.

From Chapter Two:

Becky Goldsmith talks about her new book, The Quilter's Practical Guide to Color, and shows Ricky and Alex some of her favorite appliquéd quilts she has made over the years.

From Chapter Three:

Becky discusses with Ricky how to pick your fabric by knowing its "clarity." She talks about why colors look clear or "gray." Then, Becky also shows Ricky and the audience how to create a color wheel, how you can add to it with your own colors, and what you can learn from it.

From Chapter Four:

Alex discusses Becky's book on color. After, Becky also talks about her technique for using CutAway and a copier to produce her font appliqués and then hand sews them on with her TULIP appliqué needles. Becky shows Alex and Ricky how to create an appliquéd signature for your quilts.

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#4 sharonkim 2016-03-20 20:43
love the baby quilt. great for donation quilt.
#3 palacios4 2016-03-20 13:54
I loved the baby quilt. Measurements for outside corner blocks were not given. Also, were those cornerstones included in the yardage?
#2 KarenMcS 2016-03-19 19:41
Thank you! I learned several new things from this show which was just great!!!
#1 QuilterMomma 2016-01-25 16:50
My 23 year old daughter, married recently, still has her baby blanket and uses it all the time still.
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