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Show 1701 - The Appliqué Doctor is In

Featuring: Sandra Leichner / Lynn Kough

Posts On: July 6, 2015


A doctor’s reputation is often based on credentials.  Sandra Leichner’s credentials are impeccable:  every quilt she has ever entered into a show has won Best of Show.  So when Sandra demonstrates her appliqué techniques, you know you’re in capable  hands.  Sandra has been quilting since 2000, and prior to that she sewed clothing.  She shares her understanding of how fabric behaves, and teaches quilters to better work with their projects.  Sandra shows how to create a perfectly flat appliqué point without using glue.  She also demonstrates her signature tendrils in various thread weights.  You will be as amazed as the studio audience was while they watched her!  Sandra also introduces her son, who helps with her business and does his own artwork.  Afterwards, Quilt Maker Lynn G. Kough shows how to use just one shape to create a variety of designs and original works in fabric.


Show Information

From Chapter One

Sandra Leichner shares her award winning quilts on her amazing applique and embroidery

To order Sandra’s cupcake block go here

From Chapter Two

Sandra teaches Ricky how to get those perfect points in hand applique

Aurifil Thread

To order Sandra’s Wren Block go here

From Chapter Three

Sandra shares her dazzling embroidery

To order Sandra’s book: Hand Applique with embroidery go here

From Chapter Four

TQS cameras visit Lynn Kough in Arizona on her quilt making techniques


To order Lynn’s book Stretching Tradition go here


#6 Debra De Shazor 2017-03-17 17:05
:lol: :roll: :-) So glad to see this today. I learn to make the point be a flatter point and not acceptable round. I really enjoyed the work these ladies did! Wow!
Thanks so much for sharing over the internet!!
#5 Deborah Hendrickson 2016-03-20 18:57
Wonderful, wonderful! So glad I could see the show through the Internet. Bravo to all of you who work so hard for us.
Thank you
#4 jlgrandma13 2016-03-20 07:29
thank you for sharing your techniques :-)
#3 Cryer417 2016-03-18 15:56
I really enjoyed your show on appliques! I want to do some of this work. Loved your show!
#2 Annemiro 2016-03-18 08:44
I may give hand appliqué a try! I have been avoiding it.
#1 quiltkathy 2016-03-07 16:26
I wish she had shown inside points because I find them more difficult than outside points!
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