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Show 1611 - New Methods & Old Ways

Featuring: Karen K. Stone / Julie Silber

Posts On: May 25, 2015


Is there something about piano playing and quilting? Ricky and quilter Karen K. Stone are both amazing pianists as well as quilters! (They’re both Texans, too.) Karen’s background includes classical training and being surrounded by engineers, which might explain her incredible precision and love of complex work. Her latest technique is an adaptation of English Paper Piecing that doesn’t require hand piecing and includes curves! Karen demonstrates her fascinating style, which combines pinning, gluing and zigzag stitching. You will be amazed just like the studio audience, who had loads of questions for her. Karen mentioned a quilt that inspired her, owned by quilt curator Julie Silber, so we went in search of Julie, and were rewarded with a tour of her antique quilt collection. You’ll love it!

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Karen K. Stone

Julie Silber

From Chapter One

Karen K. Stone shares her background as well as her award winning quilts.

From Chapter Two

Karen teaches you how to achieve stunning results with a combination of paper piecing and fabulous fabric selections.

From Chapter Three

Karen demonstrates a super easy way to make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden – no sewing!

From Chapter Four

TQS cameras catch up with curator Julie Silber in Berkeley, CA, where she shares a portion of her incredible antique quilt collection.

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