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Show 1505 - East Meets West: Season Your Quilts with a Japanese Flavor

Featuring: Priscilla Knoble / Yoko Saito

Posts On: August 31, 2014


We return to the Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX, to meet Priscilla Knoble, a "lover of all things fiber-related" who grew up the daughter of missionaries in Japan. As a quilter familiar with the Japanese design aesthetic and fluent in the language, Priscilla emerged as the obvious (authorized) choice to translate, publish, and distribute the books of renowned Japanese quilt artist Yoko Saito. Priscilla discusses the subtle, but surprisingly complex Japanese taupe color palate, shares images from the Tokyo International Quilt Show, and then demonstrates some of Yoko's favorite tools and techniques, including how to create and hand appliqué teeny tiny bias stems, design an original House block, and stitch a fully-lined inside pocket.

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Priscilla Knoble (Stitch Publications)

From Chapter One:

Priscilla Knoble of Stitch Publications brings East to West... showcasing the work of Japanese quilter Yoko Saito.

From Chapter Two:

Priscilla teaches the subtle nuances of color theory regarding Japanese quilts and how to achieve the excellent work of Japanese stem making.

From Chapter Three:

Priscilla teaches how to build your own house - in cloth and Japanese style.

From Chapter Four:

Priscilla continues teaching Yoko's tips while making a beautiful fully-lined inside pocket.

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#1 Ryoko 2016-03-18 16:59
I'm so happy to know that someone is translating Japanese-Englis h. Priscilla Knoble is my hero!
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