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Show 1503 - Quilting without Limits: Using Unconventional Fabrics in Your Work

Featuring: Jerry Granata

Posts On: August 4, 2014


While in high school, award-winning quilt artist Jerry Granata made costumes for the National Marionette Company—an experience that taught him that no fabric is off limits, even for quilting. The trick is in knowing how to tame it, and in this show, Jerry reveals the huge variety of unusual fabrics available to quilters (think leather, lamé, fake fur, upholstery), where to find them, which to use when, how to prepare them, work with them, and even quilt them. We wrap with a tour of our day's location, The Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX, where Jerry—for 21 years a professional musician with the United States Navy—provides the soundtrack on his RED saxophone.

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Jerry Granata

From Chapter One:

Jerry Granata shares his background and his quilts composed with unusual fabrics.

From Chapter Two:

Jerry teaches how to tame and use exotic fabrics in quilts as well as unusual places to find it.

From Chapter Three:

Jerry continues teaching how to piece and quilt unusual fabrics.

From Chapter Four:

The Quilt Show takes a tour of the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

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#2 perua4 2017-04-13 08:25
I am interested in buying the product he uses to stabilize silk (dreamleaf by Floriane???) . Where could I find it?
#1 EditorAnne 2016-01-29 04:11
OMG, where did he get a RED alto? I want one!
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