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Show 1407 - The "New" Traditional: A Marvelous Mix of Fabric, Style, and Stitches

Featuring: Kim Diehl / Christine Barnes

Posts On: March 31, 2014


Quilt and fabric designer, author, and highly sought-after teacher Kim Diehl loves to combine unexpected elements in her traditionally inspired quilts, and she brings many of these "hybrid" pieces along to share. Then stick around as she offers some of her best time-saving machine-appliqué techniques, demonstrates how combining ‘big stitch’ quilting with machine quilting can give your quilts added visual and textural interest, and shows how to add a final pop of color to your finishing. We wrap with a field piece featuring quiltmaker, author, and teacher Christine Barnes who shares valuable insights into the properties of color, including value, temperature, and intensity.

Show Information

From Chapter One:

Kim Diehl shares her story and her incredible quilts.
Lynette Jensen
To order Kim´s books - Click Here

From Chapter Two:

Kim teaches time saving tips and how to get the finished look of invisible needle turn applique by machine.

From Chapter Three:

Kim teaches how easy it is to hand quilt using the Big Stitch.
Valdani threads
YLI invisible thread
Simple Blessings

From Chapter Four:

Christine Barnes from Northern CA teaches three major color concepts - value, temperature and intensity.
To order Christine´s products - Click Here

#2 Kidwell 2016-07-03 11:14
Terrific show!! I absolutely love Christine Barnes. I was fortunate enough to take one of her classes. The information I learned will last a lifetime. Great Show!!!!
#1 Chloe2 2016-03-18 21:00
Awesome! I love Kim's color choices and patterns. Thanks for the inspiration and the applique tutorial, can't wait to try it out.
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