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Show 1306 - No-Pin Curves and Quilting "Modern"

Featuring: Sheila Frampton Cooper / Angela Walters

Posts On: September 9, 2013


Although she's been making art all her life, LA native Sheila Frampton Cooper is relatively new to quilting. That hasn't stopped her from making a splash, as evidenced by the award-winning quilts she shares in today's fun and info-packed show. In addition, Sheila demonstrates her clever technique for piecing curves without pins and offers loads of tips and suggestions for machine quilting, including how to tackle multiple thread changes. Also on hand: machine quilter, author, and popular blogger Angela Walters, who shows how she gives traditional quilting designs a Modern twist and determines strategies for quilting the negative spaces in those Modern (and other) Quilts.

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Links to Artists:

Sheila Frampton Cooper

Angela Walters (Quilting Is My Therapy)

From Chapter One:

Angela Walters joins us and teaches her unique quilting approach, particularly when working with negative space.

From Chapter Two:

Sheila Frampton Cooper shares her history and incredibly vibrant quilts.

From Chapter Three:

Sheila teaches her unique approach for tackling "no pins" improvisational curved pieces.

From Chapter Four:

Sheila teaches her fearless machine quilting techniques.

After Set:

Sheila talks about being a member of The Quilt Show, what her life was like before quilting, and her brand new studio.

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#1 dbeem 2016-03-20 15:58
I loved this show! Sheila's work is so fun and exciting! Thanks for having her on the show. I was able to see this show because of the free weekend in March 2016. It is wonderful to see Sheila being so bold as a new quilter.
I was a paying memeber in the past, but my home internet was always lagging so bad. I couldn't watch the shows. Due to frustration I quit subscribing. Maybe it's time to renew! Thanks again
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