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Show 113 - TQS Quilting Legend 2007

Featuring: Virginia Avery

Posts On: November 26, 2007

We join Virginia Avery at her home in NY State. Virginia became one of the early quilt teachers and is noted for her sense of humor, style, and incredible fortitude. Virginia not only let us take a peek in her home, but offered a special view into her quilted clothing collection. You also have a special seat as Virginia jams with fellow jazz enthusiasts. We salute Virginia and thank her for her incredible contribution to our quilting industry.

Virginia has been a guiding force in our industry for over 50 years! Jinny, as she likes to be called, was a pioneer to quilting when she started teaching in the 60s and did not retire until 2005. Through her enthusiasm in teaching and helping people find their voice in cloth, Jinny quickly became a major influence during the quilting renaissance of the 1970s and her efforts continued for decades. Her innovative approach of using patchwork in garment construction was ground breaking and paved the way for the incredible popularity of art to wear. Her perseverance, dedication, and love of this industry has made her our pick for the first TQS quilt legend – 2007!

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Virginia Avery (No Website Available)

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky visit the home of quilting legend Virginia Avery. Virginia, who insists that she be called "Jinny," and Alex have a conversation that covers her life in brief up until now. Afterward, Alex gets to try on some of the garments that Virginia has made over the years.

From Chapter Two:

Alex continues her coversation wtih Jinny, discussing her influence as a pioneer of the quilting renaissance. Alex and Ricky then let us in on how Jinny stores the many wonderful clothes she has made over the years. Afterward, Jinny gives Alex and Ricky a tour of her property.

From Chapter Three:

Jinny, an accomplished pianist, plays the piano for us and talks with Ricky about some of her quilts and her plans for the future.

From Chapter Four:

Alex, Ricky, and the crew get treated to a performance by Jinny and her jazz emsemble, the Kingstreet Stompers, during their monthly jam session. 

After Set:

Alex and Ricky celebrate Jinny with a beautiful star quilt plaque, which she receives as the very first TQS Legend.

Products and Artists Mentioned:

Books by Virgina Avery

  • Hats – A Heady Affair
  • Quilts to Wear
  • Nifty Neckwear
  • Wonderful Wearable
  • Big Book of Appliqué

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