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Show 112 - Threadplay and Sheer Ribbon Illusions

Featuring: Libby Lehman

Posts On: November 5, 2007

Thread embellishment and sewing machine expert Libby Lehman shares her Sheer Ribbon Illusion technique and demonstrates how she uses the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator). Ricky performs a tune from Heart and Soul.

Show Information

From Chapter One:

To order "A Day of Threadplay" with Libby Lehman DVD - Click Here
Libby Lehman (

Super Seminars with Ricky, Alex and Libby (
Art Quilters Survival Kit or The must have sewing machine feet:

  1. Open toe embroidery (or applique) foot (Bernina 20)
  2. Free motion (or darning ,quilting or hopping) foot (Bernina 15)
  3. 1/4" Piecing foot (Bernina 37)
  4. Couching (cording or braiding) foot (Bernina 21)
  5. Free motion couching foot (Bernina 43)

Sally Collins (

Susan Cleveland (

From Chapter Two:

Libby demonstrates Sheer Ribbon Illusions

Superior threads mentioned: (

  1. Top thread - Variegated metallic color 25
  2. Bobbin thread - Bottom Line by Libby Lehman
  3. Highlights

Top stitch Needle 90/14
Stable Stuff by Ricky Tims

From Chapter Three:

Book: Thread Play by Libby Lehman (Publisher - Quilters Resource Distributing)

Roberta Horton (

Michael James (

Nancy Crow (

Beth Kennedy (

Free Spirit Fabrics (
Heather Purcell
Superior threads mentioned: (

  1. Rainbow
  2. King Tut
  3. Nature colors
  4. Metallic (round)
  5. Glitter (flat)

Laurel Burch (

From The Afterset:

Gregory Case / Photo Man (
Ricky plays Piano

Heart and Soul from his CD Heart and Soul (
Photo Man's Tips: (

  1. What is the “back story”? To create effective photo styling, you need to create an environment or "back story" in a set. What was happening JUST before you took the photo? For example, a person was reading a book with several quilts "causally tossed" aside the quilt and put the book down, with their reading glasses but left the room just a second before.
  2. Usually, photo styling with quilts involves no people shown in the photo. The "star" is the quilt.
  3. Be careful not to overwhelm the "star" (quilt) with too many other props/items. The primary focus is the quilt. Make sure that the props fit the overall look of the quilt (color, texture, shape, age, size, etc.).
  4. Style through the lens--don't look at the room or quilts or the set standing by the camera--whatever you see only in the lens is what is important.
  5. After your first photo, review the image and then make one minor change at a time, if needed. Too often, you make several changes to the set at once, instead of slowing down the process. Often, one change can make a big difference.

Tip from Alex and Ricky -
You might want to target month or season and have the styling shot reflect that time of year.

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